Friday, July 1, 2011

Yup, that's a banana in the parking lot . . .

Today’s adventures aren’t as robust as some other days. I started my day with a swim and bike ride in Solana Beach, and by the time that was done it was time for lunch and coffee dates with friends. My life as a trophy wife is tough . . . well, ok, because of the ocean swim my nose was running all day long. I had no idea that happens, by the way.
So, after my day of leisure, I picked up the Id early and we had a little mommy and Id time. Here’s what I learned:
1) Do not watch The Voice with your child if you actually want to see what happens on the show. Girlfriend has the attention span of a gnat, and unless those singers are cartoons, it ain’t holding her attention.
2) If you expect that holding the hand of a life-sized banana in a parking lot and then taking said banana into a Jamba Juice and then a Wendy’s and sitting the banana at your table as if he were a real person, is not going to result in some interesting looks and comments, you clearly are as delusional as the 5 year-old who put you up to it.
3) Looking in your rearview mirror at a little blond girl with her sunglasses on and holding her life-sized stuffed animal so he doesn’t fly out of the car, is a priceless mommy moment.
4) It’s ok to let your child fall asleep on the couch next to you and leave her there all night in her clothes without having showered her, because if you move her, you will awaken the Saran Wrap beast!
Tomorrow – firework cookies!

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