Saturday, July 9, 2011

Life's a Beach . . .

Today, family fun was a full day of boating, relaxing and good old fashioned summer fun.  My husband, the Id and I enjoyed all that San Diego has to offer with some friends.  We took the boat down to Coronado, ate at the Pizzeria and then had several hours of floating, water skiing, boating fun.  It couldn't have been a better day.  But, we did still learn a few things:

1) When you plan to use an inflatable boat to ride in behind the power boat, make sure your children did not lose the plug for it the last time you used it.  Also, do not go to the hardware store to purchase something on behalf of your husband who really only needs duct tape and a safety pin to fix anything.  MacGyver (aka my husband) just happened to have a spare plug that he just put in the boat "in case we needed it".  He of course informs me of this after a 45 minute junket out of the way to go to a hardware store which of course he would think was Mecca, whereas I walk in there and get hives from all the home improvement products.

2) If you decide that you would like to ride in the towable boat, make sure you have already bribed your child to be your cover.  I was able to convince the Id to go in with me once.  But the next time I wanted to go, she had had enough.  So, I had to come clean that I actually wanted to go.  Here's the problem, I'm waaaaaay to old to be doin' that stuff, especially after water skiing.  My shoulder is still hurting from bouncing around so much.

3) Always take a spare pair of underwear on the boat just in case your child will want to change out of her bathing suit and back into the skirt that she was wearing earlier.  We didn't really need to encourage the commando look just yet, but what's a mother to do.  It was either tantrum or commando.  I chose commando, and I'm not ashamed to admit it!  :)  I'm certain my mother just put that in her Child Protective Services File.

Priceless Quote: "Let's go fast again!"  This was from the Id's friend Lexi who at the beginning of the trip told my husband he needed to slow down, but after a while of going fast, every time the boat would slow down or stop to let people back in the boat after they water skied or were in the towable, she'd say "Let's go fast again".  It didn't matter if people weren't back in the boat, she wanted to go fast.   We were so excited to have Lexi with us so we could "go fast"!  :)  Tomorrow I'll post a pic of Lexi and the Id on the boat.

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