Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tri and Tri Again

Today, family “fun” was mommy’s Solana Beach Triathlon.  Yes, I am still crazy enough to continue those things and my husband is a superstar and continues to come to the events with the girls to cheer me on.  He did tell me that if I do more than three a year, I'm on my own!  :)  God bless him for giving me that many.
Here’s what I learned about the insanity of getting yourself and your entire family up at 3:15am:
1 ) You should NOT watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I right before you go to sleep the night before a triathlon.  It will give you AND your four year old nightmares.
2) Yes, there is something to “mind over matter” and you can cause yourself to hyperventilate in the water so much that it takes you twice as long as it should to complete the swim leg.  BUT, you can also pull yourself together and kick @&$ on the bike and run legs so as to not have too horrible a finishing time.  It’s back in the ocean for me on Monday!
3) I’m not quite sure what’s more unnerving.  The woman who is 11 years older than me smoking me at the finish line, or the man on the bike path practically screaming “LLLLLEEEEEEFFFFFTTTTTT” as he’s trying to pass people.  Kudos to the 47 year-old woman – I hope to be her someday.  And to the man – seriously, if you need to yell that loud, you need your own hearing checked, or you need to stick to the half Ironman’s where everyone else is going as fast as you are!
Me and Adri finished!  Now,
on to the next!
All in all not my best day – my overall time was worse than my last triathlon, but putting everything in perspective . . . I conquered an open water swim (didn’t kick it’s @&$, but didn’t let it beat me), have an incredible family who needs a serious nap now, and a great friend in Adriana who was with me every step of the way (ok, maybe she was ahead of me the whole time, but I get teary eyed thinking about how I couldn’t go through this journey without her).
And to all of you still following my adventures . . . THANK YOU!  It really means a lot.

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