Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Party Heart-y . . . . Runamuk Style

It's now 3 days after Valentines Day, and mommy, of course, intended to post this on Valentine's Day, but her crazy Runamuk life (and Girl Scout Cookies) got in the way.  So, bear with my tardiness!!

Mommy and the girls decided to have a Runamuk "party with a heart" for Valentine's day.  So, in addition to partying with our friends, we made valentines for abused and neglected children who are staying at the Polinsky Children’s Center in San Diego.  I cannot tell you the amazing messages of love and kindness from all the kids to support and embrace children they don’t even know.  It was awesome!
The girls with all the valentines that were made (and yes, the Id is in a Devil costume, the Ego is in pajama pants, and the Superego is in shorts that mommy only just now noticed are WAAAAAAAAAY too short!!!).  CRAAAAP!

Just a portion of the valentines that were made that day.  The kids made over 60 cards!
 Of course, it wouldn't be a Runamuk party if there weren't some mommy lessons along the way.  Such as:

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Super Fun Sunday . . . that wasn't . . .

. . . as fun as it could have been because the Broncos apparently sent in their high school back up squad!

Gonna warn HfH that he shouldn’t read this post if he’s still a bit raw from yesterday.  I love you honey, but this was too good not to post!

For the first time in the Runamuk Manor, we hosted a Super Bowl party.  

We had a great time with our family and friends, and we had such high hopes for our Broncos.  But, here’s what we learned when you host a Super Bowl party in the City of the team that you beat to get to that Super Bowl:

     1)   If you order a cake from your friend who has a Charger bolt on her car and who wears her keys around her neck on a Chargers lanyard, THIS is how she will hex your cake:   
Marianne, as always, made a fabulous cake, but as you can see, SHE HEXED OUR ENDZONE with a Charger Bolt!!!
     2)   If you invite your aunt whose daughter lives in Seattle, THIS is how she will hex your dinner:

You can't really tell because the pasta also looks like phallic symbols, but that is a HUGE bowl of SEATTLE SPACE NEEDLES, on our counter, for our guests!!!
     3)   If you invite your neighbor who you thought was a Broncos fan, you will find out that she is a Broncos fan . . . UNLESS it is Seattle in the Super Bowl (because she is a huge USC fan and therefore needed to root for Pete Carroll and the Seahawks), and then she will hex you by bringing over a plate of chocolate chip cookies on SEAHAWKS PLATES.  Forgot to take pictures of this one!
     And finally:
     4)   If before the ink dries on your Squares game, you hear “who’s got Seahawks 2, Broncos 0”, you really should call the cops and have the place cleared out so your husband can watch the game in the sanctity of his bedroom where he can mourn alone!!  (You need to call the cops so as to make it look like the neighbors did it to you and you wanted people to stay, but the cops made them leave).  J

Husband from Heaven was such a great sport last night and he threw one hell of a great party (amazing food and fun atmosphere in our backyard).  While we and our guests enjoyed ourselves, the guests of honor blew it!!  L 

There's always next season . . . .