Friday, March 30, 2012

I've found the root of all evil . . .

. . . and her name is IVY!  This week’s mission . . . a little TLC for the outside of the house which meant taking on a bee hive as well as the Ivy growing on the side of our house.  Of course, the unpacking fun for me ended early last night because I had to go to bed at 9:00 – not because I was tired necessarily, but because the allergy medication kicked in following my BEE STING.  On the bright side, yesterday I found my contact lenses and the silverware.  The downside . . . I seem to have lost the box with my contact lenses, so I still can’t find those, but we’re no longer eating with our hands.   Seriously, where’s Calgon when I need her . . . probably in a box somewhere in the living room!!  I couldn't take a bath anyway because it's full of boxes.

Here’s what I learned when your house could not BEE a bigger pain in the @$&!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Redefining March Madness

So it’s March Madness, and even the Nana has a “bracket” that she’s betting on.  Well here’s what I’m betting on . . . absolutely losing my mind before March is over!! 
A couple months ago, following a particularly in depth round of spring cleaning, Husband from Heaven and I were “casually” looking at new homes.  Well, one thing led to another and 60 days later I am now sitting at the kitchen table in our new home.  This is also the reason that I have not written in so long.  Our new house though, will be Camp Runamuk on Steroids!  It’s 2.67 acres, has a pond, and I’m pretty sure more wildlife than my kids have seen since going to Grandma and Grandpa’s cabin!  The best part . . . it’s only 3 miles from our old house and all their friends.
But, as I’m sure you all can imagine, we’ve had a few lessons along the way.  So, here’s what I’ve learned about moving a family of 5:

Monday, March 19, 2012

Where's Mommy's Leprechaun

You know, the one that magically cleans up all the messes in the house and makes the room put back in order like Mary Poppins?!  Oh, that’s right, mommy lives with three leprechauns who on a daily basis turn things upside down, pee in the toilet without flushing and generally leave huge messes in their wake!
Yesterday was St. Patty’s day and we did have a celebration, albeit not as extensive as mommy usually does.  We’re in the midst of a major move and THAT little adventure I’ll blog about in the coming days.
Here’s what I learned about little leprechauns:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where's your green marker?!

Mine is in the principal’s office at my children’s school.  Got another one of those “Dear Mrs. Dugdale” letters today.  This was the second one in THREE DAYS!  The Id (the baby) is killing me!  This time she lost her bathroom privileges during class time because without permission she left the classroom with a contraband green marker and colored her eyelids and lips with the green marker.   Apparently this is not the first time she has done this, and the straw that broke the camel’s back for the teacher is that when asked if she had put marker on her face, she told the teacher from her green markered lips “no”!
This is what we call a “human potato chip” moment.  The Id is blonde, and I’m sorry to admit that those roots go deep in that little brain!
Now I have to admit that I am pretty sure this was my fault.  I allowed the Id to watch Glee the other night and during the show they had on every beauty commercial known to man – no body part was spared an advertisement about how to make it prettier or silkier or just plain better.
So, here’s what I learned about a “Glee”ful five-year old and beauty tips:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the . . .

. . . floor of the garage!  Yep, that’s right, the other day I took off the mirror on my car as I was pulling out of the garage.  SH*T, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t is apparently what came out of my mouth.  Seriously, I think I am just preparing my husband for all the asinine accidents he’s going to have to endure once our girls turn 16!  D@MNIT!
So here’s what I learned about driving while it’s raining in San Diego (which, if you live in other parts of the country the dangers of this are comparable to driving in a blizzard) and you’re distracted by your three children: