Monday, August 26, 2013

Don't Blink . . .

. . . or you might look over one day and realize that your 6th grader has practiced her leg shaving skills on your 7 year-old.

"I don't smile for pictures" is what this child says to me!
The summer has flown by, I’m now the parent of a 6th grader and I’m in complete denial of what I call the “trickle down” effect of having older children in the house.  For everything from chores to bedtime to learning about body hair, the younger children learn it all at the same time the oldest one does!   And good, bad or ugly, I need to buckle up because there are a few things I’ve learned over my summer vacation with three pre-teens (oh yes, I said it, even the 7 year-old Id is going on 16 and momma’s in for a loooooooooong decade)!  Gone are the days when my biggest concern was a rock stuck up someone’s nose or a crayon stuck in an ear.

Of course, I meant to write many times over the summer, but every time I tried to sit down before midnight, someone was coloring someone’s hair, shaving someone’s legs, destroying someone else’s bedroom and generally about to commit some form of Hara Kari!

Here are what I call my Summer 2013 Greatest Hits: