Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's all about Plan B . . .

Well, did you all miss me?!  It’s been an eon since I’ve written and this summer was . . . well, . . . tough!  Still getting used to this SAHM thing, and also my computer is so f*&#ing slow that it was adding so much to my aggravation that I avoided it for three weeks.
But, I now have a brand new MacBook Air and I’m so excited to start using it!

Of course, I’m so computer challenged that I haven’t yet figured out how to transfer all my data to it, so in the meantime I’ll just limp along until Husband from Heaven takes pity on me and saves me from myself and gets me up to date!
But, today I couldn’t resist sharing about what was supposed to be the girls’ first week back at school. 

Like any good SAHM I had all my plans laid out . . . including a “first day of school” post drop off stop at the local bar for a mimosa with girlfriends. 
The day before school was to start I was merrily going along into the grocery store to buy provisions for the girls’ lunches for the first week of school.  Then, the call heard round the world . . . ok, maybe just all of my neighborhood, but indulge the drama . . .

. . . the school district into which I had asked for my children to be transferred (and that I had already registered for last May and that they had been attending since PRESCHOOL) called to tell me they were not going to approve our request.   TWO hours before I was going down to the school to find out their teachers and less than 24 hours before school started the district denied our transfer request.
After I stopped throwing out every cuss word imaginable and picked up my crying children from the grocery store entrance, I reflected on what I learned about unexpected detours and “Plan B”: