Saturday, October 27, 2012

Some Tricks, some Treats and one BIG Rutabaga wakening

Here’s something no one ever tells you at the grocery store . . . rutabagas should actually be called “rotting licorice”.  We are still continuing our real food journey and mommy decided that she would branch out and try some of those foods that you only find in the Martha Stewart magazines.  And, they had them at the farmers market, so they must be good, right?!

Let’s just say that there’s a reason those foods have a season span of 2 ½ months and that no one really laments when they leave.  I actually tried to make a rutabaga stew because I couldn’t find anything better to do with them.  I found out that the really great smell of the stew was only masking the nastiness underneath.  I threw the entire dinner away and wouldn’t even let the children try it for fear that they might actually spit it at me . . . and I really couldn’t blame them. 

Of course, Husband from Heaven (or as we like to call him, "the human garbage disposal") ate the stew and said “it tastes fine”.  I’m not sure whether it actually tasted fine to him, or he just couldn’t bear the thought of throwing out an entire crockpot of food.  Probably both!

Because I like to continue my food torture, I moved on to Halloween treats.  Here’s what I learned about THAT:

Sunday, October 21, 2012

She Rocks . . . but not today!

For the first time in 5 races, I got up at 3:45am, got ready, drove down to the SheRox race site, sat in the rain for an hour and pulled the plug.

Now, of course, the guilt is killing me, even though I probably would have botulism from the nasty Bay water and more than likely a broken leg from falling off my bike due to slick road conditions.  Everything in me was hoping they would turn it into a 5k run, but when that was unlikely I pulled the plug myself.

So, here are the top 3 indications that you should pull out of a Triathlon:

Number 3: It's raining, dumb@$&!  This is a hobby, not your profession and there is no reason to be soaking wet and freeze your @$& off just so that your family and friends can't give you sh*t!

Number 2: By 45 minutes before race time at least 2/3 of the people haven't shown up yet - either because they had the same idea you did, or the road conditions are so bad that they had trouble getting into the race site.

AND Number 1: The announcer who is trying to make you feel confident and comfortable says for the 10th time in an hour "ladies, the water temp is a balmy 68 degrees and right now it looks like glass".  It is at that point that you realize the water "looks like glass" because it is right off a boat ramp and it's been raining for the last 2 days, therefore all the oil and other pollutants have drifted to the surface.

Moral for today, if you ever "quit" - own it, embrace it and toast to it!  At least you worked your @$& off enough to be there in the first place!

Now I'm off to get that drink that I haven't been able to in the last 3 weeks while I was training.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

SHHHHHHHH. . . . . .

. . . . . IT happens!

We all have those days, but it seems that this has just been one of those WEEKS for mommy.

Before I go on, I want to mention family fun.  We visited the San Diego Children’s DiscoveryMuseum in Escondido and they had a pumpkin patch, music, face painting, etc.  The kids had a great time, but did spend most of it inside because it was so bloody hot.  For the next several weeks the museum will be having gardening lessons and live music on Saturdays.  They also have Kids Free October for kids under 12.  I highly recommend checking it out!

The Id is waaaay out there, the Ego is hiding and the Superego is acting crazy!  What else is new?!

No, those two additional blonde children are not mine.  They are my friend's, but they're cute, aren't they?!  :-)
So, rather than pontificate about how insane my life is, I just figured I’d entertain you with all the sh*t that’s happened in the last 72 hours and how you might avoid these problems yourself – also, at the very end I give an update on our real food journey!