Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Party Heart-y . . . . Runamuk Style

It's now 3 days after Valentines Day, and mommy, of course, intended to post this on Valentine's Day, but her crazy Runamuk life (and Girl Scout Cookies) got in the way.  So, bear with my tardiness!!

Mommy and the girls decided to have a Runamuk "party with a heart" for Valentine's day.  So, in addition to partying with our friends, we made valentines for abused and neglected children who are staying at the Polinsky Children’s Center in San Diego.  I cannot tell you the amazing messages of love and kindness from all the kids to support and embrace children they don’t even know.  It was awesome!
The girls with all the valentines that were made (and yes, the Id is in a Devil costume, the Ego is in pajama pants, and the Superego is in shorts that mommy only just now noticed are WAAAAAAAAAY too short!!!).  CRAAAAP!

Just a portion of the valentines that were made that day.  The kids made over 60 cards!
 Of course, it wouldn't be a Runamuk party if there weren't some mommy lessons along the way.  Such as:

     1)   Do NOT Google games and ways to entertain kids during parties.  For if you do, you will only be reminded at how much you hate f*#&ing Pinterest and how inadequate you are!! Here are some clues that the party game idea that you got off Pinterest is gonna fail:

a.     Before any of the children get outside to play the Hershey Kisses Matching Game, your daughter has cheated and found out where all the matches were! Little booger!!

Don't be fooled by these little cuties!  I'm pretty sure they played "one for you, one for me" with those Hershey Kisses, rather than actually finding matches!
b.      You have a trampoline!  Who's the dumb@$$ who didn't realize that Candy Hearts and lollipops are NO MATCH for a trampoline (especially if 6th graders are involved)!  DUH!!

Hmmmm, big bouncy thing where you can do flips and jump around, or . . . kleenex covered cups and sharpened pencils???  Choices, choices!
c.     The Thin Ice game that you found in the Family Fun magazine, DOES NOT WORK when the item you place on the Kleenex weighs less than a paper clip!  I thought I was being so clever having the candy hearts be the implement that would “fall through the ice”.  What I didn’t anticipate was that it took 37 hearts to be heavy enough to break through, and that was only because the kids finally shoved it in!! D@mnit!!

Unfortunately I didn't get the "after" picture - "after" 10 minutes the girls just started piling them high and doing everything they could to get them to fall in!!!

      2)   When you have a project that requires your friends to spend the better part of two hours peeling paper off crayons, you'd better have something better to offer them than some sparkling cherry juice!!

After about 10 minutes with the knife, we finally discovered it worked better to put the crayons in water.  That poor mom spent the ENTIRE PARTY peeling those f*#&ing crayons.  Yes, I owe her big!! And, unlike mommy who is usually on her game, I had no momma juice available for those mommies.  I suck!!
      3)   DO NOT trust Martha Stewart!  For if you do, you will find that her pretty little project that will only take “15 minutes” to complete will actually take 4 ½ hours!!!.  I KNEW I shouldn’t have trusted those directions that said it would take 15 minutes to melt crayons.  3 hours AFTER the party I finally finished the melting crayon part of our “quick and easy” crayon valentines.

But, I have to say it was completely worth it.  These are just a few of the adorable and wonderful messages on the valentines that were given to the Polinsky Center children the next day.
"You are the best person ever"
"Have a very happy valentine's day full of happiness and bright colors.  You are loved by many."
"You are loved.  Happy valentines day.  I hope it is covered in happy thoughts and colorful moments."

4)   “Work Party” is an oxymoron and should never be attempted when the “workers” are under age 35.  But, if you’re dumb enough to do this yourself, make sure you hide the f*#&ing glue gun!!  I had the bright idea that in addition to partying, the girls and their friends could make their valentines for their class mates.  I’ll be d@mned if those kids didn’t find the glue gun and turn our hardwood floors into their crafting area!!!

This was after most of it had been cleaned up (and by the way it still looks like this a week after the party)!  And, just for good measure, a Hershey Kisses tag was also left behind!

My glue gun bandits!  They DID get the job done though!!
These little cuties had smart moms who had pre-stick projects.

Still not sure what the Id actually wrote on those valentines.  Hopefully I don't get a "Dear Mrs. D" note!
5)   And finally, yes, you have gone a bit to far in your desire to get a good picture when you have squeezed yourself onto a second story window sill in order to get the sun off the faces of the children!

But, it was worth it!  Here they are with all the valentines they made (and d@mnit, we still had one with the sun in his face!!!!)
We had yet another successful Runamuk party and here were some of the projects that did and didn’t work!

Home Runs!

We used a metal candy making tin from Michaels.  Thanks again to the mommies for peeling all those crayons.

Game that should be played inside!

She could stack them pretty high, but the wind worked against her!!
Epic Fails

Thin Ice – with Candy Hearts

Seriously, why won't it go in??? And BTW for you moms out there, yes, I noticed the cleavage shot and I left it in there just to make you all feel better that you have bigger cleavage than me - and if you don't, then be proud like me - it's three crazy loves of my life who gave me this crappy cleavage!!  It's either that or I couldn't find a better picture, so I "took one for the blog"! (HFH just put me on a blogging time out again).

I'm not even sure I could remember where things are with this many Kisses (Hugs, actually)!!

Ring Toss

Yeah, this game was pretty much like the ones at the County Fair - you don't have a ring toss' chance in hell of getting one in!!

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