Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Fun is hijacked!

Today I underachieved on family fun. I spent most of the day planning our upcoming vacation and just ran out of time. So I decided that after dinner tonight we would have family game night and our “only child” the Id could pick whatever game she wanted to play. Well, here’s what I learned about family game night:
1) Do not allow your five year old to turn on the television right before dinner. She will find every excuse to keep the TV on when it’s time to come to dinner and her tantrums will push you so far that you have to make good on the “you’re going to your bed without dinner” threats.
2) Even the ability to spend alone time with mommy and daddy and stay up late to play a game does not outweigh the joy of throwing a tantrum and hoping that kicking and hitting mommy and daddy will make them change their mind about punishments.
3) Sometimes family fun just wasn’t meant to be.
Fitting Priceless Quote: This one was made several months ago by the Id, but I think it’s very fitting for today. “My smiles are going away. We can go to Disneyland and find my smiles.” Here's a photo from several months ago that I think depicts not only the Id's mood, but mommy's as well.
Mommy’s just going to go to the liquor cabinet to find her friend Marga Rita! :-)

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