Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July on Steroids

Ok, I admit . . . I am an overachiever who has a problem with just sitting still. Here was our schedule yesterday:
10am Coronado 4th of July parade
11:45am leave Coronado parade because my husband had been sitting at airport for an hour, and needed to be picked up
12:30pm get off Coronado island and pick up husband at airport – no, it’s not supposed to take 45 minutes to get off the island.
1:30pm go to 4th of July carnival back in 4S Ranch
4:30pm-5:30pm nap time
5:30-7:00pm take the Id to friends house I’d been promising we could go to all day
8:00pm leave for fireworks display
10:30pm finally home, blogging and hoping to hear about my husband’s trip and how our other two kids are doing at summer camp.
Seriously, what’s the matter with me?! Here’s what I learned about 4th of July on steroids:
1) So why did I travel 40 minutes to go to a parade on Coronado, you ask?! Because Family Magazine said it’s the best and my parents have a condo right on Orange street with a view of the parade. Here’s the thing . . . they had some really great floats, but the parade is on an island. Therefore, every 5 entries they stopped traffic at both ends of the block I was on so that the cars could get onto the island and off the island because unless you go through Imperial Beach, there’s only one way on and one way off. We left after an hour and 45 minutes and it was still going strong.
2) Expecting that your child can go from 8:30am to 10:30pm with a shortened nap and not have about 12 meltdowns along the way, you’re sniffing the same glue your child was the night before.
3) Nothing beats sitting on a football field underneath the fireworks and truly appreciating the amazing country we live in. It is hard, however, to enjoy that nostalgic moment when your five year old is more entertained by the $1 glow sticks you gave her than the $1,000 per minute fireworks. Seriously, next year it’s just some sparklers and glow sticks! Ok, let’s be honest, we know I’m lying, but I can make empty threats. I’m a mom!
Until tomorrow . . . haven’t figured out family fun, but I best get on it!

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