Friday, July 22, 2011

Catch the Wave!

My husband and I weren’t ready to call it quits on our vacation, so today we decided to take our kids to The Wave waterpark.  We had never been and the girls were going to miss that field trip at the Boys & Girls Clubs, so it seemed like the perfect thing to do.  We didn't realize we'd be there with about 4 other field trips and the Lazy River would be a literal sea of hundreds of kids and inner tubes.  But we had a great time!
Here’s what I learned about “Catching the Wave”:
1)      Always purchase those Living Social or Groupon deals even if you don’t think you will use them because more than likely you will use them OR, better yet, they are the inspiration for some of your family fun.  We could have gotten two free tickets and lunch if we had used a Living Social deal.

2)      Never allow your 9 year old to bring her own money to be used at the snack bar.  When you ask what she is going to buy, she will tell you “just a churro” and before you know it she comes back with 3 cookies, a soda and chips right BEFORE you are going to get lunch.  Let’s just say that the soda took a detour to the trash can (principle of her disobeying) and the cookies had to be shared with her sisters.  The chips had some nutritional value, right?!  J

3)    Yes, your husband is having more fun than your children on the water slides and doing cannon balls in the pool.  There is something about putting a father in an amusement park that turns them into 12 year old little boys.
Well, vacation is over and now it’s back to the reality of the tornado that hit my house – CRAP!  

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