Friday, July 8, 2011

Staying at home actually is a luxury . . .

Here’s another thing my stay at home mom friends never told me . . .you’re NEVER home. So, when you are, it’s so wonderful because you can actually accomplish many things (that is, of course, if your children are not also at home).
Family Fun for tonight – ok, not so fun for the Id, but fun for mommy to watch – summer camp cards to send to the Superego and Ego. By the way, I was amazed at how few resources there were for good suggestions to include in summer camp cards. So, I just went old school – made some stickers with clip art, had the Id put on foam stickers, and write a note to tell her sisters she loved them (we had one other line she was supposed to write in the card, but you’ll see below why it didn’t get included).
Here’s what I learned about staying at home and tonight’s family fun:
1) Staying home allows you to get pretty deep in the “honey do” list that you created for yourself (because of course, let's be honest, your husband’s NOT going to create one for you). I actually got so far down the list that I sewed on Brownie patches for the Ego’s vest. Oh yes friends, I said that word SEW! I did learn, however, that you can only accomplish so much IF you stay off e-mail. E-mail is like that pink light in the Abyss that you just can’t help yourself but be sucked into. And, at the end of it, you have nothing to show for it but a big purple inexplicable world at the bottom of the ocean that has now risen to the top and allows you to walk on water . . . oh, wait, I digress - it was such a good movie until then.
2) Do not ask your five year old who has a tendency for “broken arms” to make cards for TWO of her sisters. After the first part of the first card, the Id’s ADD kicked in and she decided her arms were broken and she was tired and she needed the air conditioning on because she was tired and she didn’t like the color of the pen and she didn’t like where I placed the sticker and, and, and. Girlfriend has a gift for excuses. Any ideas about how to kick that habit, please let me know. I need to send her to excuse detox.
3) There was no way I was letting that child off the hook for making both cards. I can just hear the whining when the Ego found out Id didn’t make a card for her too – that one would scar for life. So, I did what any good mother would do . . . I bribed the Id. It's amazing what a child will do for popcorn and 15 minutes of TV. No one said I was going to win mother of the year, but I did get that d*#! card made. (Not sure why I didn’t just use the actual word – it just looked funnier with the symbols)! :)
Oh, and one more note for today – I am still training for the triathlon that’s happening on July 24th and here’s what I learned about that:
DO NOT run at 5:30pm when the high for the day has been 90+ degrees. It will be incredibly hot, you will not make it the full 3 miles you wanted, and you will have so much chafing on your legs that you will have to apply baby powder for several days to heal. Seriously, it looks like I have a huge diaper rash on my leg. I’m considering buying some Desitin to put on this thing. Any of you friends out there with babies who have some extra, let me know so I can save myself $10 on that!

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  1. 1. No Kidding about the luxury of actually staying home.
    2. Try Body Glove. It is also great for getting in and out of wetsuits.