Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Camp, a wedding and rotten eggs

Today family fun entailed picking up from summer camp, dropping in on a law school friend’s wedding and ending the day with natural hot springs. 
What I learned today is that a whole lot of planning and some careful execution really does pay off to make for a fun filled, but LOOOOOOOOOOONG day.
So, what did I learn from summer camp, a wedding and rotten eggs all in the same day?!
Trunk wreck on the driveway
1)      It is possible to only send your child to summer camp with 5 pairs of underwear for 14 days.  When you clean out the tornado that is their trunk you begin to understand how it is that they couldn’t find the plastic bag with all their underwear in it.  Superego’s trunk came back with at least 8 pair of untouched underwear still in the plastic bag.

2)   If you plan to take your children to a wedding after picking them up from summer camp, leave extra time to scrub off the tattoos and lucky charms marshmallow residue. 
We clean up nice!
3)   When taking your children to a gay wedding, you may want to cover the logistics beforehand so as to avoid the question “are they both girls?” being blurted out in the middle of the ceremony.   Also, always be sure to sit in the back row so that none of the other guests are privy to the peep show from your 4 year old when she gets tired of sitting properly in her chair and has her legs up in the air.  Seriously, where did she learn that?!

4)   Natural hot springs will result in you and your entire family smelling like rotten eggs for the rest of the night.  Our visit to Glenwood Hot Springs was fantastic, but we forgot about the smell of natural hot springs.  I also forgot to remind my husband that he’s not 15 when he decided to jump off the diving board.  Let’s just say that he has a red belly that would indicate he didn’t quite get a perfect diving formation before his belly hit the water. 
Recommendations from today:
Lucile’s Creole Café in Littleton Colorado – fantastic Louisiana cooking and a whole lot of atmosphere.
Geneva Glen Camp in Indian Hills Colorado – I attended as a kid and my kids have now been back for three years.  They’ve made lifelong friends and cannot wait to go back next year.
Glenwood Springs Lodge and Hot Springs.  Great fun for the kids.  Relaxing, and your face will feel like you stepped out of a spa.
Bluebird Café in Glenwood Springs.  Small café at 730 Grand Ave.  The Café had mismatched furniture and dishes; it was very quaint.  It was a bit pricey for sandwiches and salad, but they had a fantastic gluten free quiche that all of us enjoyed.

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  1. i love glenwood springs! went there years and years and years ago.