Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fireworks should be left to the professionals

Today “family fun” was firework cookies from Martha Stewart Living. By the way, “family fun” just isn’t the same when I only have 2/5 of my family. I love my time with the Id, but I miss my babies and my husband.
So, to distract me (and "cling on" Id) I had the grand idea that I was going to try making firework cookies out of the Martha Stewart Living magazine. Today I can't post pictures because I can't figure out how to download them from BFF Molly's camera, but I will post them in a few days.
Here’s what I learned:
1) A massage at the RB Inn before you plan your family fun for the evening is a definite must (I finally cashed in on my Christmas Gift – a gift certificate to the RB Inn spa, and oh my goodness was it worth it).
2) No matter how much you think cutting corners won’t matter (i.e. purchasing bottled icing and making gluten free cookies instead of following Martha’s recipes exactly), it will only make your cookies look like a bad science experiment. Unfortunately I can't show you how beautiful they are supposed to look, but if you're in the grocery store and see the Martha Stewart Living magazine, they're on the cover.
3) It really doesn’t matter what those cookies look like, when you’ve put on 3 layers of icing, and eat them with your baby, they taste fantastic.
Priceless Quote: “Shake it banana”. The Id talking to the life-sized stuffed banana to encourage him/her to shake the sprinkles to put them on the cookies. I think the Id has been sniffing glue, but I can’t yet prove it – this gets me one step closer.

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