Thursday, July 14, 2011

Out of sight, out of mind . . .

Here’s some family fun at mommy’s expense, and definitely not something my stay @ home mommy friends told me about.  I even considered not posting this one because I admit it, it’s a bit immature.  But, may as well have some fun and admit when we too are children.

We finally heard from the girls at summer camp.  Actually, scratch that, the Id and Daddy heard from the girls.  Any mom who has ever prepared for their children to go to summer camp knows about the days spent packing, making sure they had addressed envelopes to send notes home, providing them with plenty of stationary and stickers and of course a box full of goodies to enjoy; so you also know how excited I was to receive the letters (with my handwriting on the envelope) and how much this stung.

Here’s what I learned about getting letters from camp:

1) Never let your husband be the one to take them to camp and drop them off.  Apparently the last person they saw gets all the credit. 

2) I am not sorry for all the terrible things I ever did to my mother.  I even called her and told her that.  All those things are coming back to bite me!  :)

3) It does not matter that it was you who spent hours in labor pushing these children out of your womb, and you now have to bust your @*$ getting your body back, their father gets all the love. 

Whew, ok, that felt good to get off my chest!  I will admit, the letters were quite entertaining.  Ego’s letter said “I am” and then had a sticker with someone swimming.  There was no closing and no salutation, so the only identifier was her name on the envelope and her father’s first and last name on the outside of the card – not “daddy”, his full name as if she was sending it to a business associate.   Superego’s letter is too long to share details, but it utilized the pre-printed format I sent with a few things crossed out and it was hysterical.  Also, her letter to Id was adorable with a picture she drew so Id could color it in and send it back to her.

My 14 year old child did come out for a moment while I contemplated not giving Daddy and Id their letters.  But, in the end, I decided it would be better to show them their letters and then save them for the girls’ scrapbooks to show them proof of the terrible things they did to their mother in their youth!  J

And yes, I will continue to do these things even if I get no love in return.  That’s what mommies do.  Also, there will be a day when I get the phone call my mother did and all I do is laugh (yes, at them, not with them), just as my mother did.  I love you mom for all the thankless things you've ever done (and still do). 

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