Thursday, July 14, 2011

1 Id, 2 parents, 3 states, 4 hours of sleep, . . .

5 tantrums
6am wake up call,
7am breakfast – that was a heartattack on a plate
8am Starbucks run
9 hours of driving still to look forward to . . .
Wait, 10 hours – we lost an hour when we crossed into AZ and UT – Damnit!
Today we headed out for one of our longest straight days of driving.  It’s kind of like a day at sea – gorgeous scenery, confined to a small space, and by the end of it you’re ready for a land junket – BUT, without the sea, of course.  J  I think I’m delirious . . .
Here’s what I learned about day one of our trip . . .
1)      Listening to Painted Wagon while driving through the desert of Utah just feels right.  We just needed a few less horsepower, a carriage and some very uncomfortable clothes!  Speaking of . . . Do not wear shorts on your leather seats through the desert.  Even though the heat is outside the car, your legs still sweat and it will make you miserable.

2)      Do not watch Hall Pass in the front seat when your husband needs to pay attention to where the I-70 turn off is.  It wasn’t until we were 1 mile away from the turn off that I realized we missed it.  All we both could think of was Dumb and Dumber when they drive 400 miles in the wrong direction.    That was 4 miles we didn’t need to add to our trip. J

3)      Main Street USA does still exist.  Driving down Main St. in Rchfield Utah looked like something right out of a 1960’s film.  We stopped at The Little Wonder Café for lunch.  This was a great “Main St.” café with burgers, sandwiches and salads.  The walls were covered with their celebrity pass throughs.  We sat in a booth that said “Robert Wagner and Jill St. John sat here”.  We were next to Stephen King’s table and Kurt Russell’s was across the way.  Food was ok, but definitely worth a stop if you’re passing through.  Our favorite moment was when the little old man across the restaurant had his cell phone on speaker (as he was holding it to his ear) and we heard the entire conversation with his wife or daughter on the other line.
Stop worth making – Little Wonder Café, Richfield Utah, open since 1929!
Priceless Quote:  Well Butter my butt and call me a biscuit, look who’s here.  This one was on a plaque in the Little Wonder Café!

We pulled up to the Colorado sign as Rocky Mountain High came on.  Couldn't have been more perfect.  After this photo was taken, my husband, a native Coloradan, took a bathroom break.  When he came back he said "I couldn't decide whether to piss on Utah or mark my territory in Colorado."  It's all about your perspective.  :)

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