Monday, July 18, 2011

How to turn your houseboat into the USS Underpants

Today’s post isn’t about today’s family fun adventures.  We had fun, but it’s 1:45am, I’ve been in the car since 10am entertaining my three children, and I’m too tired to be clever, so here’s some prior summer family fun that you might enjoy.

I thought of this as we passed Lake Powell today . . . Last summer we went to Lake Shasta with my mom’s family.  We had 3 generations, 2 houseboats and 1 great time!  Of course, my family did have to take it up a notch . . .

Rather than just have a houseboat, we figured we’d christen our boat with a clever name.  So, we called our boat the USS Underpants.  We even had t-shirts made with Captain Underpants on the back and everyone had a ship’s role.  My personal favorite was Id’s – she was the Powder Monkey!  Oh yes, that apparently is a ship’s term.  I'll upload a photo once I'm home.

Here’s what we learned about our adventures as the USS Underpants:

1) Make sure that you purchase bright red XXXL underpants to serve as your ship’s flag. 

2) Be sure to have medical personnel on standby when your husband and your adult cousins decide to play tube wars like they did when they were 15.  Watching these 30 and 40 somethings jump from tube to tube and then listen to them whine about how painful it was afterwards, just wasn’t the same!  J

3) When playing a practical joke on the other boat, sleep with one eye open – they will get you back when you least expect it.  Our boat decided that we were going to attack the other ship.  So, we lured the members of the other boat over to our boat for a photo.  We told them that we would be taking pictures of “each boat by themselves”.  So, my immediate family got out of the photo, and while everyone was turned the other way looking at the camera, my brother in law said “smile” and we shot everyone with water guns – from both directions and got it on video.  Unfortunately for them, we did it on the last day, so they didn't have time to retaliate . . . yet!  I am certain that one of my cousins has already begun his elaborate revenge plot, I’m just hoping that his new fatherhood will give him a bit of a merciful soul.  Fat chance, but it’s worth a shot!

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