Saturday, July 30, 2011

I scream, you scream . . .

That’s it, we all just scream.  Apparently when I pulled out family fun tonight (actually, I threw it at the children), it was a surprise ball with the words “Ice Cream Break”, but the children read “I Scream Break”.  We went up for a quick trip to Big Bear this weekend – long story about how this poorly timed vacation came about just on the heels of our last vacation – and ever since our last car trip the kids have been asking me when we were going to have more surprise balls.  So, I decided that at our gas break I’d pull out the ice cream break ball and we’d get ice cream. 
Here’s what I didn’t plan on when I decided to do this:

1)      When your children have had a really long day and then you ask them to sit in a car for 4 ½ hours, you really should be prepared for the screaming match that will ensue when you turn off the DVD player.  It won’t matter that you told them you are going to buy them ice cream, they can’t process that yet because they are so traumatized that you turned off the Barbie Mariposa DVD.  Oh, and the baby all of a sudden will have lead feet that just can’t move in a parking lot. And yes, you did see “DVD Player”.  It’s been a long week and mommy did not have time to create the entertainment package that she usually does.

2)   When your baby comes home from the Boys & Girls Clubs with vampire make-up on because it was Wacky Holiday week, you may want to wash it off before going into Coscto to purchase some ice cream.  I’m certain that people thought she had some sort of communicable disease.

3)  Even Costco’s ice cream can serve 12.  The children threw out half of their ice cream bars, but heaven forbid that they share.  Ego threw a huge tantrum because her father wanted one bite of her ice cream bar.  You would have thought he told her he was taking away her puppy.  She probably would have given that up more readily. 
Moral for today – Ice Cream and ear muffs make a great combination.

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