Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rocky Mountain air, bongs and Redboxes for bikes

We’re in Colorado, and yes, I said bongs, as in for pot or crack or any number of other illicit drugs.  You’ll have to read below to find out how that entered our day.
Today’s family “fun” was looking at potential vacation homes in the mountains of Colorado.  So, Id’s last day of only childhood was spent house hunting.   This was part of our plan to get her to beg for her sisters to come home so she could have fun again!
Today I learned that you know you're in Colorado when:      

1)  You take a 3 mile run at 9,000 feet and your sea level lungs feel like someone just sat on them.  To add insult to injury, you run through part of the course for a triathlon taking place the next day where the bike ride will involve a 3,000 foot climb and the run a  1,600 foot climb; and I think that’s just the kids course!   
2) You are going to look at properties and they say “the tenant is at work, and it may be a little messy, but you can take a look”.  This is code for “wear a hazmat suit because a local is living here and you may find last night’s dinner stuck to the stove, trash everywhere, oh, and drug paraphernalia on the dining room table.”  You would have loved to be a fly on the wall when I had to explain to Id our immediate exit and why I had to sanitize her from head to toe.

You are in downtown Denver and you see what we’d call a Redbox for bikes.  You rent a bike from a stall, ride it around to see downtown and when you are done you drop it back off at a similar stall.  I’ve never seen so many bikes around a downtown.  They even have “Bike In Movies”.

Fun stops in downtown Denver –
The Big Blue Bear at the Convention Center. 
Sam’s #3 – a “greasy spoon” diner featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives – food was good; service was terrible; atmosphere was fun and shakes were fantastic!!
Tomorrow we pick up Ego and Superego and that’s when the real family fun begins.

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