Thursday, June 30, 2011

To the Moon Alice!

So here’s something my stay at home mom friends didn’t tell me . . . the more you are with your children, the more they will want to be with you. AND, the “baby” in the family is the worst offender. Well that’s true in our family. The Id is clingy like Saran Wrap, and we’re not talking the cheap generic kind that impersonates Saran Wrap. No, we’re talking the name brand sh*t that you cannot pry off your dishes. The kind my mom buys because my dad doesn’t notice that it’s name brand, whereas if it doesn’t say Kirkland, my husband wants me to take it back (I say wants because he’d never “make” me take it back, he’d just make annoyed comments about the Saran Wrap every time he sees it – that’s not the hill for me to die on, so we have Kirkland brand in our house).
Back to “Cling on” (aka the Id) . . . we were again in the hobby store (yup, been hangin’ out there a lot – how else can I make all these craft projects?!) and the Id was literally hanging on my leg. So, I said to her “To the Moon, Alice!” Even though my husband and I were not alive during the Honeymooners run, it’s a show that lives in infamy and every time our kids are makin’ us crazy, we pull out that line to let them know in our sarcastic and funny way that they’re makin’ us nuts. Maybe threatening to send your kids to the moon is not the best parenting tactic, but it’s at least entertaining and why else did we have kids?!
So I say this to the Id in the store and a woman who clearly was alive during the Honeymooners says to her “now you don’t want to go there, dear”! EEEEEEK, I’m just gettin’ in trouble with this kid all over the place!
Which leads to today’s lessons. I left my husband and two older girls at the airport to go to Colorado and the Id couldn’t be happier – for the next 4 days she has mommy all to herself and she has all kinds of plans for me, her and the two life-sized stuffed animals we won at the Fair. She feels that she needs to fabricate some friends, so over the next few days we’ll share our life-sized stuffed animal adventures. But, in the meantime, mommy decided she needed to recharge her batteries to get herself ready for the days ahead. So, I went on a girls night out to see my friend Laura Roppe’s band – Cool Band Luke at Humphrey’s backstage.
Here’s what I learned:
1) Wednesday nights, while not always as happening as weekends, are pretty happening down there on Shelter Island!
2) Do not do a girls night out without the “girls” part. It’s not the same until BFF Molly gets there.
3) Its so nice to know that when you come home to the house that your nanny cleaned, at least 2/3 of it will stay that way because 3/5 of your family is gone for the next 4 days.
Family Fun for today – Candy Rockets. Today I made candy rockets from Martha Stewart. In 40 minutes I made 6 of the candy rockets you see here. They are clip art on card stock, taped together and then filled with Jolly Ranchers. These were so easy and the kids enjoyed them (although I was informed by the Ego that she hates Jolly Ranchers and why couldn’t I pick a different candy when I know that). Here’s a lesson – always consult with your children before surprising them with sugar because they may “hate” it, even though it was their favorite yesterday.
Tomorrow, it's life-sized adventures chosen by the Id and the banana.

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