Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mommies wear track suits, but not the Sue Sylvester kind

Here's something it took me three weeks to learn . . . You actually need a Stay at Home Mommy wardrobe. Imagine my husband's surprise when I informed him that I needed a special wardrobe for my new career!

During the school year, at 7:46am, like something out of Stepford, hundreds of kids and their parents descend upon the Elementary School. By 8:03, as quickly as they arrived, they have disappeared again. It wasn't until week three that I caught on that the mommies were dressed differently in the afternoon than they were in the morning; then I finally figured out where they were going in the morning - THE GYM!.

At this same time it dawned on me that I actually have 6 hours during the day when my children are in school and I can do "whatever I want". Ok, that's dictated by how many things I have to do for my kids that day, but I am able to squeeze a few things in. One thing that has become a must have is a workout - hence the new wardrobe. The workout is the most important mommy time - she stays looking hot and she can relieve the stress of getting the kids out the door (and all the pent up stress from the activities the day before); oh, and she doesn't feel guilt for drinking all those margaritas with friends.

As a little side note - my fitness ADD doesn't allow me to just workout. Oh no, I decided to become a triathlete. Despite the fact that I had not seen my bike in 15 years, nor swum in the ocean EVER, nor run more than 50 yards, and that was only to catch my children, I thought triathlons were the way to go. No, I don't know what's wrong with me, but there will be some entertainment on this topic in future posts.

Ok back to the "skinny" on the Stay at Home Mommy wardrobe:

1) Be sure to purchase at least 5 different matching "track suits" (ok, I'm using that term loosely, but it refers to all the matching hats, shirts and shorts that are straight out of the Real Housewives). You must have 5 so as not to repeat them during the week; and

2) Your 7:46 wardrobe wear must not look anything like your 2:30pm wardrobe - the former should include your ipod, a water bottle and ponytail while the latter should include make-up, jewelry and preferably high heeled sandals;

There are some mommies (myself included) who are literally unrecognizable from the morning to the afternoon. I'm not sure what we're all dressing up for in the afternoon because at 2:30 the hardest work begins - subjecting yourself to torture at the hands of your children and their homework!! We're probably better off being wrapped in bubble wrap and accessorizing with some earplugs.

Tomorrow I'll talk about how to always have a party on your dining room table - without serving anyone food!

Priceless Quote - "We're going to Hometown Buffet? What will you give me? Juice?! I can give myself juice . . . I'd like wine" - The Id, age 4 (clearly this child has hung out too much with her grandma and grandpa - or Nana and Sir as she calls them).

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