Friday, June 17, 2011

Finally brave enough to post

So I created this blog six months ago when I first began my journey as a quasi stay at home mom. For various reasons I was afraid to post - beginning with the curse word I chose in the title. But, after six months of some of the funniest, precious and infuriating moments of my life, I decided to bite the bullet and go for it.

Over the next week I am going to smash all the knowledge I've learned over the last six months into 7 blog posts. I'll try to keep them brief so as not to bore everyone, and hopefully they'll be entertaining. Then, after that I'll try to post once a week with my "lessons learned" and priceless quotes that are too good not to share.

When I found out my job was eliminated in October 2010, I cried. Partly because a job that I absolutely loved was no longer available to me, but mostly because I was terrified of being a stay at home mom (when I say that phrase I hear that ominous echo voice that they put on the Today Show when Al Roker says "Sunday, Sunday, Sunday" when it's football season).

My husband's first comment to me was "It's ok honey, if you eat one of the children, we can always make more". And we make some pretty cute ones. I have three beautiful blonde girls who are the most rambunctious, mouthy, loving kids you could meet. I don't know where they get the mouthy & rambunctious part!

Although I was terrified, when I woke up on January 1, I decided I was going to enjoy every minute of my stay at home motherhood, and also follow the advice from a calendar that my mom had given me for Christmas. It's entitled "Life is All About How You Handle Plan B". I'm tellin' ya, I've taken full advantage of this Plan B thing (and no, I have not enjoyed every minute, but I have managed to find the humor in most of those minutes).

So, it's time to share how to B:
A Triathlete
A Stay at home mommy
A Philanthropic Strategist
An Entrepreneur
A Volunteer

I've never been so exhausted, busy or happy in my entire life! Tomorrow we'll begin the adventures of the best April Fool's jokes to play on your kids, how to turn Martin Luther King Jr. Day into a really fun holiday, why I am revoking Mother's Day and the adventures of Camp Heather.

Until tomorrow's post, enjoy your kids as much as you can - as for me, today's a day when I'll need a little help from my friend Marga Rita! :)


  1. My advice from one mom of three girls to another: A roll of duct tape is the secret to being a stay at home mom. I'm just sayin'... And nowadays, they come in all kinds of pretty colors and even patterns.

  2. I too was scared when I became a stay at home mom. We had just moved here from New York and I left behind my live in nanny. She did not want to move with us. I had a 4 year old and 2 year old twins in a place where I had no family and know no one. It took me a year to find a preschool for them and to start working. I felt some relief but then my husband started traveling and I was always late for pick up. I was stressed and kept getting fines. My husband told me to resign and stay home. After all, I was working to pay for preschool or so it seemed. I was scared at first but once they started school, the fear left and now I have good friends which play the role of my family here in San Diego. I would not change a thing! Enjoy your time with your girls, they are little only once! Soon, they will not want us!

  3. I have noticed an increase in our bellies and the amount of money I spend on "mama juice" in the two years since I got laid off. But everyone is so much happier! :)