Friday, June 17, 2011

Top 5 Stay @ home mom secrets

So we'll begin with the five things that I learned my first month as a stay at home mom:

1) "Stay at home" mom is actually code for "at the gym, grocery store, dance studio, soccer field, insert child's activity location here, child's classroom, and any of the other 15 places I'm needed other than home".

2) The time you actually sit down when you're "at home" is less than 45 minutes, and all of those minutes are spent in the car on your way to the activities you decided would make your kids "well rounded". No wonder my nannies were so exhausted.

3) Those closets you thought you'd clean out are still as cluttered as ever, and might be more so because you are home now so you can stuff a bunch more crap in them.

4) The exhaustion you feel is because you have just been verbally poked for hours straight by miniature versions of yourself.

5) If you want to get someone to talk, I've found a very effective form of torture - put them in a minivan at 4pm with three children who have not had a snack or a nap.

Priceless quote of the week of January 3rd - "Mom, did you find a job yet? I hope not." - The Ego, age 7

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  1. I like Cassie's quote. Chloe keeps asking me if I found a job because she does not like being on a budget! ha ha