Thursday, August 25, 2011

Memories to build on . . . with Legos, that is!

Ok, BFF Molly came through with the photos.  So, here are our lessons learned about 10 hours in a park that is built out of legos, with lego lands and lego people and lego rides and lego inner tubes, anyone wanna lego my Eggo?!  Just wanted to make sure you were still listening . . .
1)      When you are packing the lunches for the day, make sure you are not distracted and for crying out loud, do not depend on your 5 year old to actually pack her own lunch.  Poor girl had to eat a Crustable (that surprisingly she hates), share her sister’s Cheez Its and she didn’t get a dum dum lollipop like her sisters.  Her mommy and her sisters let her down.  That’s going in Mommy of the Year application.

2)    What is it with these manual labor rides?!  Between the swing that I had to pull myself up on and the fire truck ride, I was exhausted from having such a workout.  They don’t need any electricity at that place because they make all of us do all the work!!  J

2)      When the Pirate ride says you may get “very wet”, DO NOT GET ON THE D@*# RIDE.  The kids were just fine in their bathing suits, but they were on the inside of the ride where they couldn’t be reached by the little punk outside the ride who was aiming his water gun straight at us for a good 15 seconds.  Of course I packed extra clothes for the kids, but who knew I’d need them for myself!  Thank God I wasn’t wearing a white t-shirt!

We didn't have a photo after the pirate ride, and this one was too cute
to pass up (well, except for mommy's tragic hair).  Id and her friend
had so much fun building lego rafts down the lazy river (which wasn't so
lazy for mommy as she chased them and legos down)!

3)      Don’t leave looking at Mini-town for 7:50pm when you’re on your way out of the park.  We could barely see the Ewoks in the trees of the Star Wars area.  We did, however, see plenty of the New York and Las Vegas lights.  The kids loved it, but seriously, could they invest in a few lights so as to light up the area a little bit?!  I guess that’s why they kick you out so early!

Kids were exhausted, mommies were exhausted, but we survived the park and rode at least one ride in every area of the park and the kids spent 2 ½ hours in the water park!  Definitely worth it.

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  1. The Legoland in Germany has a roller coaster that you pedal to move the car-which is great when you share the car with a ten or twelve year old, but not so hot when it's a four year old who can't reach the pedals!