Friday, August 26, 2011

Hug a teacher today . . . or better yet, bring them a big bottle of wine to thank them!

Family Fun today . . . the first week of school!!  Oh, wait, maybe that's just fun for mommy.  :)  Although we’ve made it through the first half week of school, mommy still doesn’t have her bearings or the schedule for the Trifecta.  Thank goodness for the Boys & Girls Clubs who saved my butt this week, and thank goodness for the amazing people who will be teaching, disciplining and putting up with the Trifecta for the better part of the week for the next 9 months.  Teachers are amazing people who put up with a whole lot of crap from kids AND their parents and they have my utmost respect and admiration (especially after a summer where my brain is literally mush from all the verbal poking – “mommy, mommy, mommy”.  I think that is actually a four letter word now!)
Here are the lessons learned when you FINALLY have three munchkins in school:
1)      Do not order your children’s school backpacks less than 10 days before school starts.  You will look like the loser mom because your children’s backpacks won’t arrive until the THIRD day of school rather than the first.  This is particularly shameful because you are a “stay at home” mom (we know how I feel about that phrase) and therefore your every waking moment should be focused on the needs of your children and you should have your sh*t together.

Yes, that is a reusable grocery bag that Superego is using for her book bag on the first day of school.  Of course, when I tried to take a picture of the girls with their new backpacks this morning, the wheels fell off when we tried to get out of the house and we were late.  So, we'll save "first day of school - take 2" photo for next week.
2)      Do not send a kindergartener who happens to be named “Id” and who happens to be the baby in the family, to school with a reusable lunchbox!  Girlfriend will lose it every single day and you will spend the better part of afternoon pick up looking for the lunch box.  Then, on Friday of the first week you will receive the following note from the teacher :

Dear Ms. Dugdale,
Id (ok, the teacher doesn’t call her Id, I edited a bit) is coming home today without her lunch bag. She said she put it in our lunch bin on the playground but it wasn't there when we went looking for it. I'm not sure what happened. Hopefully it will show up on Monday in the lost and found.

I know what happened . . . the little booger lied to you, and she also thought she could bat her eyelashes and someone would pick it up for her!  That’s coming out of her allowance.

3)      Read the e-mail bulletins they send home that have the Kindergarten dismissal times.  For the next 6 weeks the Kindergarteners come home at noon EVERYDAY.  Seriously, are they trying to make me go crazy.  Pick up Id at noon and then go back at 2:30 to pick up Superego and Ego; oh, but on Wednesdays the older two come home at 12:30.  No wonder my brain is mush.  On the first day of school, what does mommy do?!  She goes down to school to pick up Id at 12:30.  The school is like a ghost town and mommy realizes that she’s a little late.  Well, thank God for the Boys & Girls Clubs who picked her up without being asked; at least they pay attention!  Shout out to the BGC staff!
Ok, it’s Friday.  Grandma and Grandpa have arrived and mommy’s going to get a drink!!!!  J
And tomorrow you’ll get to hear about Trifecta schedule on Steroids.  Lets just say it involves two birthday parties and a sleepover.  Grandma and Grandpa better buckle their seatbelts. 

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