Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Float"ing in fabric and shoes

So mommy didn’t really have time for family fun today, but nevertheless, some “fun”ny things happened! 
I am in the midst of planning the 2011 Poway Patriotic Parade.  We have less than 2 weeks left before parade day and its crunch time.  Throw in the start of school, training for a triathlon, several other volunteer projects, professional projects, and you have a mommy who hasn’t had a full night’s sleep in a week and she’s getting cranky and unrecognizable!  Mommy’s blog has become the nightly cathartic release that enables her to find some humor in her crazy days and also throw out to the universe the things she gotten herself into in the hopes that there are others who have painted themselves into the same corner.
Today’s lessons . . . what I learned when trying to entertain grandma and grandpa by taking them on your errands with you:
1)      When you go to pick out fabric for the FIVE float skirts you are creating, be sure to take along grandma who knows something about fabric, oh, and math.  When I walked into the fabric store I think I got hives from being overwhelmed by all the choices.  Thank God for grandma who knew how many feet there are in a yard.  It took her a good 10 minutes to explain to me how to turn 48 feet into 16 yards.   Don’t get me started on what she went through to explain the per yard price, minus 20% times 16. I now have 80 yards of fabric that will spend 30 minutes and 1.2 miles on the parade route.  I spent twice that amount of time figuring out what color and how many yards to buy.  Next time, the floats are going naked!

2)      When realizing that you are clearly not going to make it home by noon for your child’s kindergarten pick up time, make sure that your friend on the other of the line clearly understands that your child needs to be picked up at NOON, not 2:30 with the other kids.  I thought the friend I called had a kindergartener, but found out at 12:45 when I knocked on her door to come and pick up my child that in fact she thought I meant to pick up at 2:30.  Had I been a good mother I would have been home at noon to pick up my child, but once again the Boys & Girls Clubs saved my butt and had already picked her up. Seriously, I’m going to need to start tipping these people.  I can only imagine what they think when they hear it’s me on the phone.  I imagine it’s something like - “Yes Mrs. Dugdale, your children are here again, just like they always are when you forget to pick them up at the right time”!
3)      DO NOT take your children shoe shopping.  This was our third attempt at shoe shopping and this time we tried Kohls.  I’m telling you, after 3 stores and finding little to nothing for the children, I am convinced that this is all a conspiracy to make a mother of 3 kids go nuts.  I am certain that grandma and grandpa agreed to go on this little shopping excursion just to entertain themselves for the day.  We were a spectacle.  All we needed was 6 pairs of shoes (1 tennis shoes and 1 nice shoes) for each kid.  The children became so desperate to buy a pair of shoes that they were layering their socks so as to convince me that the shoes really DID fit.  The baby definitely would have come home with the knee high size 4 boots if I had let her (they weren’t meant to be knee high, they were just 8 sizes too big, and she looked like a porn star)!

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