Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Go with the flow . . . and your garden will grow

As I’ve said before, sometimes the best moments of family fun come when we are least expecting it.  Today I had planned some family fun for me and Ego who was going to be home with me because she didn’t have camp.  We were running errands and she says to me “mommy, I’d like to create a garden”.  So, with my new “what the heck (ok, lets be honest, it’s actually H E double hockey sticks), why not” attitude, I said “sure!”  It’s rare that I’ve seen her that excited.
Here’s what I learned about just letting your child’s garden grow (oh, and the return of the exploding microwave):
1)      There is nothing better than saying yes to your child and enabling them to do something that they didn’t think they’d be able to.  Ego was so excited showing me where all the seeds were and how to find potting soil.  She also informed me that we shouldn't plant sunflowers because they tried to do that at school and it didn’t work.  J

2)      Digging in the dirt is fun for mommies too!
And finally, the microwave:
Yes, Daddies are children too.  When you tell Daddy that the microwave is broken and therefore can’t be used, he won’t believe you until he sees the fire for himself.  Despite my warnings, he cooked bacon in the microwave and now has photographic proof of just how broken it is.  I’m certain that the BLT’s we ate should have come with a surgeon general’s cancer warning.

Recommendations and warnings for today:
Home Depot is having a sale on plants.  We found some great stuff for very reasonable prices (though I'm not a plant expert, so may be way off, but I thought it was reasonable).

Portillos Hot Dogs in Moreno Valley, CA - this was a fantastic restaurant off Eucalyptus and I-215.  If you are heading up to Big Bear, or anywhere through Riverside, you should stop here for lunch or dinner.  From Chicago Dogs and Italian Beef Sandwiches to incredible salads, all of the food was great!

GE is lame - do not inform them of your problem with your exploding microwave because the response you will get is that there are "metal shavings" in paper towels and that probably caused the fire.  Ummmmmmm, ok?! 

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