Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Brave enough to pursue your 15 minutes . . .

Many of my friends and family have already seen Superego’s 42 second video for the Disney Channel Make Your Mark contest, but I thought it was worth preserving the moment in the blog.  This was a contest that Superego chose to enter on her own, made up the routine and made sure we uploaded it in time for the contest deadline.  I just held the video camera.  The fearlessness and hope of my 9 year-old wanting to win this contest was absolutely priceless and precious.  You can see her video here http://makeyourmark.disney.go.com/s/6c3nog.
Although Superego was only one of 100,000+ kids to submit a video and the likelihood that she’ll be chosen as one of the top 100 to go to the semi-finals is probably remote, you never know what can happen and here’s what I learned about being a stage mom for the day:
1)      I’m not really cut out to be a stage mom.  I didn’t even realize until later that she had dirty pants on in the video.  Although no one can tell, I will know(well, and now you all will too).  J

2)      Videotaping your child, dancing on the driveway, at the end of the day when everyone is getting home from work, may not be the best choice.  We kept having to stop because cars kept coming by and you couldn’t hear the music.  I also had a few friends drive by and I think they’re just afraid to ask what I was doing with a computer, video camera, and my child doing handstands on the sidewalk.

3)      That legal document that I said “yes” to when I uploaded the video and that I didn’t ask my husband to read because I knew he would have tried to change a few provisions, I’m quite certain it required me to sign over my daughter’s entire movie star career and she’ll never be able to do that reality show I had planned for her.  Damn those lawyers!!!! 
Recommendations for today:
Enter an internet contest, especially one for your kids.  You never know what it can turn into.  And, more importantly, the wonderful well wishes that my daughter received after I shared the video link was AWESOME.

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