Monday, August 22, 2011

Letterboxing, date nights and Nana’s curse words

This weekend family fun had many components.  Some of the family fun I am not entirely privy to because my husband and I celebrated our anniversary on a Hilton San Diego Bayfront Staycation while Nana and Sir took care of the kids.  However, we do know that according to our oldest (Superego), Nana used some curse words and Nana felt compelled to confess this to me before Superego got to me first.
But before my husband and I left our children in the hands of “sailor mouth” Nana, I decided to take the children on a letterboxing adventure in Coronado.
Here’s what I learned about bringing Nana on a letterboxing adventure, leaving my children with Nana and how fun it is to watch your mother squirm as she tries to come clean before the children rat her out:
1)      Finding the letter box on Coronado Island was much easier than the Geocaching adventure.  However, stamping a book is not nearly as fun as taking chotchkies (on a side note, Urban Dictionary defines Chotchkie as “A small piece of worthless crap, a decorative knick knack with little or no purpose.”  This made me laugh out loud, particularly if you’ve ever seen the stuff in Geocache boxes).  At any rate, when going on your letterboxing adventure, be sure to bring some wet wipes!   Superego and Id (the baby) decided to cover their bodies in stamps because that was way more fun than stamping the book.  Also, be prepared that Nana may modify the game a bit.  To make the whining stop when you tell the children they can’t take the little Chotchkies because they didn’t bring anything to leave, Nana will pull out a quarter for each child and leave that as the “leave behind”.  Trust me, that quarter was worth 25 times the Chotchkies we took.  But, if anyone would like to make a quick 75 cents, find the letter box on Coronado Island!  J

Yes, Ego has a shirt and tie on!

2)      When you return from your weekend away, be sure to talk to your children first, before Nana can confess all her sins and make them seem much milder than they probably were.  Apparently Nana was frustrated because the children weren’t listening (which I cannot believe because they are always perfect angels for me) and she accidentally ran into a man in the parking lot who was mean and nasty to her, so she called him a “jerk”.  This is Nana’s tale.  If you ask Superego, all she will say is that “Nana used curse words”.  Granted, when the children call each other “jerk”, we tell them that’s naughty and they shouldn’t say that, but trust me, my children have heard some BAAAAAAAAAD words (I take full credit for that), and I just find it hard to believe that Superego would be so vague as to say “curse words” if Nana hadn’t said something much nastier than “jerk”.  I guess it’s between Superego, Nana and that f*&#@! Jerk in the parking lot as to what the real word was . . .Ok, to be fair to Nana, I'm sure the word she said was "jerk", but it was hilarious watching her reaction when Superego said "curse words". J

3)      And finally, if you have children who are difficult to get to sleep, be sure you call up my children’s Nana and ask her the name of the book that she gave me that made me cry and pee my pants I was laughing so hard.  Ok, I’ll tell you . . . the book is called “Go the F*** to Sleep”.  Even if you have kids who sleep like angels, this book will make you laugh out loud.

Recommendations for today
Hilton San Diego Bayfront  Took incredible care of us, and although we didn’t take our kids, we did notice how many great activities they have for kids.  They also have fantastic restaurants and bars.  We spent the entire weekend there with a Bay view room and it was absolutely spectacular.
Go the F*** to Sleep book.  Again, laugh out loud funny!
Letterboxing – much easier than finding the Geocaches with GPS.


  1. I think I may have heard Nana use an expletive at softball evaluations... ha ha

  2. Nana's brother is surprised at her behavior. She was not brought up this way.