Thursday, August 18, 2011

I’m a teacher . . . wait, no, gardener . . . wait, no, puppet master . . . wait, no, police officer

At the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum, we were all of those and more!
Family fun consisted of The San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum in Escondido and Queen Califia’s Magical Circle in Kit Carson Park.   Although we had family fun, mommy needed to finish up a few Poway Patriotic Parade items, so I took into the museum my laptop and parade notebook.
Here’s what I learned about trying to multi-task during family fun, how to make a piece of paper into a swan, and what happens when your children lay a 4 ft. egg:
1)       Multi-tasking . . . not going to happen.  When will I learn?! Every 4 minutes someone needs to go to the bathroom, help making an origami swan, a student for their “class” in the old school house, an audience for the puppet show, someone to help put on the costumes, and on and on.  So, mommy quickly gave up on the thought of getting any “work” done, and shame on her for trying!!

Dress up fun!
Puppet Masters - or maybe just a freak show!!
Id is teaching mommy her ABC's or her BARAWWRO's

Selling their wares at a Farmer's Market.

2)      No matter how well you follow the instructions, your origami swan will NEVER look like the sample.  Oh, and forget about trying to follow the directions for how to make the paper boat.  I have a post graduate degree and I could not figure out how to get to step two of the origami boat.  I really need to go to Children’s museums more often so I can learn some skills!

3)      When you take your kids to a place and the first thing they say is “Wow”, your job is done!  The girls were awestruck by Queen Califia’s Magical Circle in Kit Carson Park.  Where else can your kid lay a 4ft. tall egg?!

San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido.  They are in the process of building a new museum across the street from Grape Day Park.  They’ve done so much with the small space they currently have.  It’s always clean and has new stuff for the kids to do, so it’s not always the same.   I’m certain the new space will be amazing.
Queen Califia’s Magic Circle in Kit Carson Park.  You can have your lunch there and the kids will have fun climbing on the snakes and totem poles.  They can also learn a little about the mythical African Queen for which California may have been named.  J

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