Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wanna skype?!

Is it just me, or does that sound like a booty call?  Ok, when my dad sent me an e-mail that said that, not so much . . . but my husband, hmmm, that could be interesting.  Of course, right now my husband, my mom, my pastor uncle and my mother-in-law’s eyes are all bleeding.  I think my husband will probably revoke my blogging privileges after this (actually, he’ll probably disable it and I’m so technology challenged he knows I can’t fix it).
This past week I discovered Skype.  I know, welcome to the 21st Century.  Just as with an iPhone and iPad, and everything else technological, I wait and wait until people get annoyed with me before I use it.   I gotta say, this was one that I should not have waited for.
Here’s what I learned when “family fun” ok, mommy fun, is using Skype:
1)      When your father discovers a new technology toy, he’s like a kid in a candy store . . . he will not be able to get enough of it.  My parents are in Europe right now and every morning my dad wakes up and checks if I’m on Skype so we can talk for a few minutes.  This is a man who when you call on the phone he grunts in annoyance and can’t get off fast enough.  Yet now he's discovered skype and now every morning he video calls me and we talk for several minutes.  My mother, on the other hand, has better things to do – like brush her teeth or take out her rollers!  Yes mom, I saw all that!

2)      When you are on Skype, be sure you actually pretty yourself up first.  Not only will the video add 10 pounds, it will actually look like you are in front of a fun house mirror.  My husband, who is out of town this week, spent the better part of 2 minutes laughing at how big his head looked in the camera.  Then he and The Id (the baby) traded funny faces.

3)      When your wife tells you that she is interviewing nannies, one of whom happens to be in the house at the time, you may want to turn off your video feed when you make the face that you always make when she tells you she’s spending money – you know, the really annoyed and disgusted look.  I had to remind my husband that we could see his face in the camera.  Now THAT was funny!
I highly recommend Skype for talking with far away relatives.  It really is fun and the kids will love seeing themsevles in the video feed - I think mommy has had the most fun though!

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