Thursday, September 15, 2011

$2 hooker clothes, sweatpants and tights to a car show!

It was picture day today.  You know, that day when you make choices as a child and they are forever emblazoned in your memory and your mother, just to torture you, will display that picture for all to see.  Mine is still in my parents’ house, right in their front hall. It’s me with an 80’s feathered bang look, a side pony tail and a bow that a Texas cheerleader would be jealous of!  Oh, and just to be extra cruel to myself, I’m also wearing horizontal stripes.  Now my sister will tell you that my style hasn’t changed much.  But, then again, she’s been up all night for the last several weeks with her 6 month old baby, so who’s laughing now?!  It may have been cruel of me not to correct my children’s fashion choices, but selfishly, I look forward to all these photos I will continue to display for many years.  And this year’s photos will be doozies (well, ok, we did miss one bullet).
Here’s what I learned about allowing your children to select their clothes on picture day:
1)      Your kindergartener, who has been in trouble for wearing make up to school, just might come downstairs in a red sequined tank top, red leggings and HUGE red tutu.  Her 4th grade sister thought it was hot and did not understand why I made her march upstairs and take it off.    I can only imagine the “Dear Mrs. Dugdale” note I would have gotten for that one.  Maybe one day I’ll take a picture of this outfit, but in the meantime, you’ll have to settle for a picture of her eye shadow! 

Yes, that is a bathing suit top that she has been wearing for a
few days as her bra top.  Girlfriend is killing me!
2)      Your 2nd grader will spend an hour and ½ trying to find a t-shirt that matches her sweatpants and doesn’t look like a t-shirt.  She explained very clearly to her father this morning that they could only see the shirt, so it didn’t matter that she was wearing sweatpants.  I can see it now – she’s going to be a news anchor who has something nice on top and a pair of sweatpants underneath.  My husband was horrified that I allowed her to go to school like that.  The only thing I kept thinking was “this is going to be the side pony tail picture that I get to display.”  It’s cruel, I know, but after all, why did I have children if not to find ways to torture them?!  And, we’re making strides.  Last year she was in her pajamas for her photo.  THAT was on daddy’s watch.

3)      As your kindergartener is packing for the car show that she’s going to in THREE days she MAY have this response for your husband when he asks “did you pack socks” – “I don’t need socks daddy, I have tights.”  Girlfriend is going to a Mustang car show and she has packed tights.  I’ll be sure she has her green eye shadow to go with whatever beautiful tutu she will be wearing at the show!
Moral for today – take extraordinary joy in the little things because they will keep you nostalgic for your side ponytail days.  Matter of fact, I might wear a side ponytail tomorrow just for grins! 

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