Friday, September 23, 2011

Mommy's turned the world upside down . . .

. . . and the children gladly joined in!  Family Fun tonight was upside down dinner.  These things always seem so easy, and then you begin implementation.
Here’s what I learned about turning your dinner (and your entire family) upside down:
1)      When you ask the children to put on their clothes upside down, they will take you literally.  Well, the Id (the baby) actually took it the farthest.  At least The Superego and the Ego did put pants on.  The Id put on her t-shirt as her pants, but of course had no way of holding them up, so we saw her panties all dinner.  It was so hilarious that I didn’t want to tell her no (and her father was out of town, so being completely inappropriate at dinner was acceptable).  J

You can't tell, but the juice boxes are upside down too!

2)      When you put your own clothes on upside down, make sure you unzip them.  It will be virtually impossible to walk around with your top zipped up while it is around your thighs.

3)      Eating upside down chicken pot pie on plates that are upside down really doesn’t work.  I thought I was so funny turning those things upside down until I realized there would be no sides of the plates to hold anything up and as a matter of fact, the underside of the plate is actually sloped.  So, what did we do?!  We took paper plates and pushed them inside out so they looked like funky bowls.  Kinda defeated the purpose, but they were still upside down.  J

4)      And a few notes about upside down food
a.       Chicken pot pie looks and tastes the same right side up or upside down.
b.      In order to make your upside down cupcakes you will use lots more frosting and it will stick to the plate – there’s a reason people don’t make those things upside down.

c.       For upside down dinner, dispense with the nutritious.  Upside down salad (with the dressing on the bottom) just tastes like a bunch of spinach, strawberries and almonds, some of which are dipped in a little dressing that has actually seeped through your paper plates.
d.      If you are gluten free and your children are not, for crying out loud, DO NOT make gluten free cupcakes.  It just means you’re going to eat them and then be really mad at yourself for eating crap!!
Recommendation for today – try upside down dinner at least once!

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