Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Polar Plunges & the ABC's

Well apparently my trials with nasty little bugs struck a cord with (or in some cases scared the crap out of) many of you.  I’ve never had so many comments on the blog (which, by the way, I love all the comments, so keep ‘em coming).  I’d love to say don’t worry about it, but that would be a lie.  Lice sucks and there’s no sugar coating that.  So, I definitely recommend preventative measures.
For the Trifecta, life has to go on . . . just not as quickly as we’d like because we’re combing out our hair for an hour each night.  But I’ll tell ya, this has given me the chance to familiarize myself with all the moles my girls have on their heads.  A trip to the dermatologist may be next.  J
Yesterday we had one of those days that every stay at home mommy dreads – Professional Development Day – can you hear the Sunday Night Football, Al Roker echo?!  Despite the time suck of lice treatment, I managed to pull some family fun out of my “you know where” (my husband has told me I need to start watching my language – what the hell’s up with that?!).  J  I’m sorry honey, I couldn’t resist.
Here’s what I learned when you talk your kids into putting their hands in freezing water and you go on a search for letters in nature:
1)      But first, when going to the dollar store and allowing the children to pick out one item, they will invariably show their personalities.  Case in point, the picture below – The Id picked out a princess ensemble; The Superego chose a ball that bounces all over the place, and the Ego selected a sword and shield.  I have no words . . .

Ok, this isn't the photo I referred to, it was just too funny not to put first!

THIS is the photo!  :)
2)      Ok, back to the topic.  Disney Family Fun has these Badges of Fun you can earn throughout the year.  All three of the girls are in girls scouts, so what’s a few more badges, right?!  Well, when you decide to earn those badges, and you select an activity that involves your children sticking their hands in freezing cold water . . . just don’t!  This was an activity that was a complete disaster because the Superego (the oldest) and the Id (the baby) stuck their hands in before they heard the instructions NOT to allow the water to go into the plastic bag you have over your hand that is coated in vegetable shortening and supposed to show you how protective whale blubber is and can protect against even really cold water.  I know, don’t ask!  Just know, that’s not the activity you want to choose if you’d like to earn badges of family fun.

3)     So, we decided to do a second activity too.  Well, when going on an alphabet photo walk, make sure you don’t take pictures of a sewer cover too close to weird ladies’ cars.  I took a photo of a sewer cover that was an “O”, and a woman confronted me in a store as to why I was taking a picture of her car.  It was an interesting conversation to convince her it wasn’t her car, it was the sewer cover I was taking a picture of.  What was that woman trying to hide is what I'd like to know.  Or, was she just afraid that a stay at home mommy with three young kids might track her license plate and leave the children who misbahave on her doorstep?!

Priceless quote for today : “If I don’t focus I’m going to be left behind while my friends move ahead.”  The Id (the baby) said this after she came home from karate where they apparently informed her that she was not focused enough.  Of course, when I tried to talk to her about this she was constantly looking the other way at things she wanted to be doing at that moment.  I’m serious, she’s well on her way to the “dumb blonde” path.  I gotta figure out how to undo this trend.  

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