Monday, September 12, 2011

A thong (and not the flip flop kind), a sea wall and workin’ at the car wash

Family Fun has returned!  Today we took a bike ride in Mission Beach.  It’s been a while since we rode bikes with the girls, and here’s what we learned about hanging out where 20 year olds are, not watching where you’re going and giving your children time to prep for a car wash:
1)      When you are in Mission Beach where 20 year olds are plentiful, make sure you are closely watching as that hot 20 year old in the bikini is walking by, and make sure you divert your husband’s attention.  This may be a good time to have one of the children throw a tantrum.  Otherwise, you may find that as the girl turns around you will get an eyeful of her THONG bikini.  I KNEW I should have had those butt implants and that breast enhancement!

2)      As your five year old embarks on her journey, you may want to remind her to watch where she is riding.  Otherwise, she may run into the sea wall because she was watching a group of hot men playing volleyball and she will fall off her bike.  Seriously, girlfriend is FIVE!!  What am I going to do with that child?!

3)      You really need to think twice about calling your house from the store and telling your children that when you arrive home you will be washing your car.  This warning may enable them to get all the materials ready, including the big huge water gun pointed at your car when you arrive home.  When deciding to wash the car, you may also want to make sure you aren’t wearing a white skirt.  Otherwise, the neighbors will get an eyeful when your 9 year old turns the hose on you!


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