Sunday, September 4, 2011

A beer bong, an island and the drunk tank . . .

So we’re having sporadic family fun these days, but when we have it, we do it up right!  Today we were again out on San Diego Bay enjoying the incredible vacation town we live in.  We went with friends and by the end of the day 2/3 of the Trifecta had at least tried water skiing, 1/3 had flipped over on an innertube being towed behind the boat and 1/3 went into the water with all her clothes on (this, of course, occurred under her father’s watch – I knew I should have put her bathing suit on BEFORE she left the house).
Here’s what I learned when you beach your boat beside twentysomethings on a holiday weekend; you don’t really listen to the park ranger when he tells you that high tide will affect your beach site; and you allow your husband to check out a prospective vehicle purchase at 9:30 at night on a holiday weekend near Mission Beach:
1)      When you beach your boat at the beginning of the day and you have five children with you (two of which were our neighbors), you may want to look a bit more closely at your choice of beach neighbors.  One of them may have a huge beer bong that they pull out periodically!  My girlfriend and I can’t be sure, but we think our husbands may have stopped by a couple times to relive their glory days!  Ok, maybe that didn’t happen, but it certainly would have been funny!  J

This picture has nothing to do with the blog post, it was just too fun an action shot not to include!

2)      When the park ranger tells you that high tide will come in at 1:00, he really means that high tide will come in at 1:00.  What he did not clearly explain to us was that our perfectly accessible beach in the morning would become an island as shown below::

The water in the foreground was NOT there when we arrived in the morning!
and then, an hour later you will find that you and your friends are pushing the boat off the beach because the tide went out so quickly.  Oooops.
3) If you ever decide that a Saturday night on a holiday weekend down in Mission Beach is a good time to go to a nearly abandoned parking lot, after dark, with your three children, to check out a potential car purchase, you may want to check the Police Department’s plans for DUI checkpoints.  As my husband and I were walking over to look at the vehicle, an officer – unprompted, (we didn’t want to ask him any questions, we were just hoping he wouldn’t notice we had just left our 3 kids in the car 100 feet away) told us that the enormous vehicle beside him was the “mobile jail”.  Shwew, I think we got lucky on not needing that!  On a side note, after learning this information about a mobile jail, it may not be a good idea to threaten your children to send them away in it if they don’t behave.  I may have traumatized the Superego (the oldest) and the Ego (the middle) for life.  The baby, of course, didn’t really care and just wanted to check out the cool bus that was beside them.  Oh, and another note, when you’re desperate to entertain your kids while your husband takes FOREVER to discuss the deal, you may want to find a movie other than “Master and Commander” to play.  I knew it was a bad choice when the Superego says “mommy, you have to turn it off because they’re going to amputate someone’s head”.  Again, Mommy of the Year application, here I come!

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