Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The tooth fairy's on a spy mission . . .

Slow news day at the Dugdale household, so I'll share some family fun at my children's expense.  Yep, that's goin' on the mother of the year application too. 
So, while we’re sharing secrets that the children won’t be able to find out until they can read and figure out how to find the blog, I’ll share with you a multigenerational secret.  “The Tooth Fairy’s on a spy mission” was what my mom told my brother when she would forget to put something under his pillow.  Well, this little trick has come in very handy for me of late.  And, by the way speaking of things people don’t tell me . . . Nana didn’t tell me this trick until recently and it would have been helpful with our oldest child. 
Ego (the middle child) is losing teeth left and right and I can’t keep up with my duties.
So here’s what I learned about telling tales about the tooth fairy:
1)      Your child actually will believe you and might even tell her friends at school.  This you will find out because the other mommies stop you on the playground and ask you what you’ve done to your tooth fairy.

2)      You may forget for so long that one day your child will write the “tooth fairy” a note that says “dear tooth fairy: I’d like $5”.  Apparently the Ego believes that the tooth fairy should have to pay interest for everyday she’s late. 
No matter what the mission, the tooth fairy eventually gets around to stopping by.  But, lesson for today . . . she should probably lay off the sauce so that she’s not so forgetful – either that or stop having kids who lose teeth!

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