Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beat the parents . . .

No, not physically beating them, just emotionally . . . oh, no, wait, not that either . . .  Tonight’s family fun was a game called “Beat the Parents”.  It’s a game where the kids ask parents questions about their generation (i.e. who was sponge bob’s grouchy neighbor) and the parents ask kids questions they would know (i.e. how many pedals are in a manual transmission car).  The girls were so excited to play a game where they had the potential of stumping mommy and daddy.
Here’s what we learned about a game set up for parents to lose:
1)      Mommy sucks at trivia.  Daddy pulls “Nellie Olson” out of his @&$ when asked who the snotty blond girl on Little House on the Prairie was; and I can’t even remember the name of the school Harry Potter attended.  Seriously, I just saw the movie last Saturday.  My brain is so fried I can’t even remember things I saw last week.

2)      They actually do teach you things in 4th grade.  Superego pulled “Lion” out when asked “A sphinx has the head of a human and the body of a what?”  I could not even have answered that one (see #1).

3)      Every once in a while the kindergartener will be able to jump in, like when it asks “Where does Santa live?”  Luckily she didn’t say “with mommy”. 
I highly recommend “Beat the Parents”.  You’ll learn something (like how much you don’t know), and there are many teachable moments – like helping your child learn how many days there are in a leap year.  And by the way, the kids kicked our butts . . . 5 to 1.  Very very sad!

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