Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Daddy's in charge?!

So mommy has no business doing the blog tonight because of pressing parade business, but there have been some funny things that just couldn’t be ignored any longer. 
My friends and I call my husband “the husband from heaven”.  He cooks, is always home for dinner, takes care of the girls when he needs to; and speaking of girls, this poor man puts up with FOUR of us, oh, and he can change the brakes on your car.  He's fantastic, but . . .
This past week Daddy has been in charge of the Trifecta and here’s what I learned happens when mommy’s not looking:
1)      When you hear the screeching children outside, they are screeching with joy because their father just turned the hose on them and soaked them head to toe.  It’s ok though because you’ll be too busy to notice that they came inside and changed their clothes at least twice so as to soak themselves AGAIN thus creating double the laundry for you when you come out from under the parade rock you’ve been under.

2)      When Daddy is responsible for getting the girls off to school, you MAY receive the following e-mail:
Dear Mrs. Dugdale,
I noticed that [the Id] had eye makeup on today. Can you make sure that she doesn't wear make-up to school? 
Thank you for your help!
Seriously, this kid is going to kill me.  Either that, or she’ll be pregnant at 14.  Mark my words.  This is the child who wants to be a cheerleader.  My response . . . Hell No! 
And, on a more poignant note.  The Ego (sweatpants wearing middle child) is really struggling with mommy not being available.  Poor girl could not control her crying outbursts tonight and she just needed to cuddle.  So, mommy did cuddle with her for about 5 minutes and shamefully the entire time mommy was pulling a “Friends” moment.  You know, the one where (I think it’s Chandler) explains that after sex men sit there wondering how long they’re going to have to lay there before they can leave.  Mommy spent her time thinking of all the e-mails she needed to send. Terrible, terrible thing to admit.  Mommy of the year, here I come.  I’m ready to get back to just being mommy!   J
But, in 4 more days there will be an amazing parade at 9am on Poway Rd. that all my friends out there reading should come by and watch.  :)

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