Sunday, December 11, 2011

What happens at Girls Night Out . . .

. . . doesn’t always stay there . . . because some things are just too funny not to share.  The other day Husband From Heaven asked me “what do you DO at Girls Night Out?”  I decided to leave out the part about the strippers and body shots and just tell him “shopping, desserts, dancing, talking”.  I left out the full Bar part too (I brought cash for that, so he can’t trace how much I drank).  His reaction to hearing this was the same as my reaction to “what do you do at a football party with the guys” – he’d rather have his head stapled to the carpet than know any more details.
But, you all might be entertained by some of the things that took place during my Cherries Jubilee evening!
1)  When you decide to sneak in martinis to a function, just DON'T DO IT.  You will end up trying to mix them in the lobby with no ice and they will end up tasting like cough syrup.  D@MNIT!  I wasted perfectly good cherry pie liqueur while I was in the hotel lobby behind a table trying to mix Cherry Pie Martinis.  HOLY VODKA . . . they had too much tini and not enough Cherry Pie.       
2)  When you decide to be one of the first two people on the dance floor to get the party started, make sure you know that the Principal of your child’s school is also attending the function.  Out of nowhere I spotted her while I was right in the middle of my dirty dancing moves.  Later in the evening she said to me “your children all make sense to me now”.  She was so spot on!

3)      When you try to keep up with your hot little Latina friend (who, by the way, is 4 years older than you), JUST DON’T.  Your knees, your @$&, your feet, your back, and every body part known to man will ache so much you will contemplate not getting out of bed the next morning. 

This is "hot Latina friend"!  I'm going to have to remember to wear that shirt more often.  It gives me the amazing illusion of cleavage!

4)      When you are dancing with the moms of your daisy troop girls, and a gangster rap song comes on, try NOT to use the girl scout promise sign as your “gang signs”. Yep, I admit it, I'm really lame.  But, I know how to have a d@mn good time!
GNO was a great success.  Shout out to all the organizers and here’s a picture of a place setting for my table (another shout out to my friend Susan Wintersteen for all the great ideas)

For those who asked where I got the cupcakes, it’s Cute Cakes in Escondido –   Their owner Jill Reilly and her team can do amazing things – she had never made these kind of cupcakes before and she made them from a photo.  The best part, these were gluten free!!!    

Horrible picture of me, but I'm really enjoying those cherry pies.  Unlike my friends who didn't eat them and took them home for their kids, I ate 1 and 1/2!!  I know, it's just me that's obsessed with Cherries, but I'm ok with that (it means there's more for me when Costco carries them).

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