Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Feed the birds . . . and then feed the kids

We’re reviewing all our photos to prepare for the holiday cards, calendars and videos that we do and I was reminded about all the family fun we’ve had this year.  Fun we’ve been missing lately because I've been busy realizing I should have failed 4th grade, oh, and I’ve been working a lot.  Well, this week Camp Heather and family fun is back.  It’s that week that every mother wakes up with night terrors about . . . school vacation.  Oh, wait, is that just me?!
To kick off Camp Heather family fun we did . . . what else . . . a cranberry project!  We made a cranberry wreath to put outside to feed the birds.  Then, it was on to a Rice Krispy treat project to feed the other animals in my life . . . I mean, the kids.
Here’s what I learned about projects with toothpicks and frosting:
1)      Really, I thought it was a good idea to do a project with the children that involved pellet sized objects into which you stick a sharp pointed stick?!  Within minutes they were pelting each other with the cranberries and poking each other with the sticks.  Oh, and just for giggles they thought they’d SMASH the cranberries.  Now I have cranberry schmushed into my carpet and everywhere else within 20 feet of the table.  (Yes, schmushed is a word.  I looked it up in my 2nd graders dictionary!)

During - Schmushed cranberries


Outside-Ready for the birds

2)      When you buy a kit to make Rice Krispy treats, DO NOT use their marshmallows.  Oh, and don’t burn the butter.  It will end up looking like a smores experiment gone terribly wrong.  I’m not even sure those things were intended to melt . . . EVER.  After about 10 minutes I realized something was terribly wrong.  Thankfully, like any great mommy, I had some back ups.  Lord knows how long those things had been in our pantry, but at least they melted right away!

Clump o' browned marshmallows

3)      When you decide to do a project that involves frosting, you really should wrap yourself, the children, your furniture, and you may want to add the walls in there too, in plastic.  Otherwise, you might find that hours later when you finally look in the mirror (right before you go out in public) that you have a big blue line of frosting across the front of your sweatshirt.  Oh, then you’ll notice the red and blue dots up and down your arm.  Clearly, as I was cleaning up after the children’s masterpieces I was not paying very close attention.

The Ego (middle child) decided that decorating the cutting board was a necessity as well.
Recommendations for today –
DO NOT make a cranberry wreath.  Matter of fact, try not to be a dumb @$& and buy 6 more bags of cranberries than you need.  It will only give you a huge headache as to what to do with the d@mn things.  The minute that we finished the wreath, about 10 of the cranberries fell out and I spent the better part of 30 minutes trying to put the d@mn thing back together.  Big failure, but hopefully the birds enjoy it.
Definitely make Rice Krispy treat houses.  Rather than buy a kit that has a “house mold”, just make a batch, cut out square house shapes, bust out the cookie cutters and some sprinkles and frosting and let the kids go to town.  They’ll have a great time, it’s easy to make, and you can eat the overage from the cut outs.  J  Oh, but DO NOT leave the children unattended with a can of Pam oil spray (that you used to grease their hands as they were making the cut outs so they don't stick to the treats).  You will learn as you are cleaning up that your children have just “Pammed” your table.  At least now I won’t have to oil it . . . ever again!

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