Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family fun in 32 minutes or less

I am always on the search for family fun that will be great for the kids, but not take forever with set up and clean up.  Plus, today we were running around so much that I didn’t realize until we got home that I only had 45 minutes to do family fun and leave to our next appointment.  Today, I found TWO projects that accomplished this task – chocolate covered candy canes and joyful tea lights.  Oh, and I found a use for the 32 pie plates – holders for all the elements of my family fun projects.
Here’s what I learned about turning things into your pantry to family fun:
1)      You can actually put sharp objects in your children’s hands and they will be so busy they won’t try to poke each other with them.  This project involved taking a piece of tin foil and poking out the letters J O Y with a toothpick.  I drew the outline on the foil and the kids poked holes inside the outlines.  I was even shocked that the five year-old could do it so well.  Then you glue the foil to a jar and put an electric tea light inside. 

Even the baby multi-tasks.  Eating lunch while doing the project!

Finished product.

These are the lighted ones.  My camera sucks, so you can't tell, but I promise, they are.  They looked very cool.
2)      DO NOT do a project that involves candy you will actually want to eat.  Otherwise, you will find yourself playing “one for you, three for me” with the chocolate chips.  The candy canes were covered with dark chocolate, my absolute favorite.   Next time it’s white chocolate.  I made myself sick with all the chocolate chips I ate!  But, the candy canes turned out great and we now have a party favor for the girls friends who are visiting tomorrow.  Just melt some chocolate chips, put some sprinkles in a bowl, cover the canes with chocolate and roll them in the sprinkles.

I recommend both of these projects.  They were quick and didn't require a huge amount of clean up or set up.

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