Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nanasick and Boy Toys

So the children had 24 hour unfettered access to their Nana for four days.  They of course had to share their Nana with their baby cousin, but pretty much it’s been all Nana, all the time.  And yesterday, they had to go on Nana detox.  The Superego (the oldest) told me this that she was “Nanasick”.  Apparently, this is akin to “homesick”, but applies when your Nana leaves.
The Boy Toys on the other hand, they have nothing to do with Nana, I just wanted to make sure you all opened the post.  But, there is a story about Boy Toys . . .
Here’s what I learned about Nanasickness and Boy Toys:
1)      When your mother comes to visit (or your mother-in-law for that matter), make sure that you do what you can to make them feel welcome and appreciated.  Mommy did a crappy job of giving Nana a TLC this weekend while Nana was giving TLC to the trifecta + 1 (+1 is baby cousin).

2)      The children will come up with any number of excuses not to do homework and to call their Nana.  They’ll even make up a disease called “Nanasick” so that you feel sorry for them.  But, when they do call Nana they will decide to be selective mutes on the phone so that Nana can’t hear them and then they will insist on calling again and again.   

Symptoms of nanasick include very pouty children, and the baby (in the middle here) trying
her hardest to make a sad face when it's really against her nature. 
I should have had her sister pinch her.
3)     If you are McDonalds, you really need to think twice about posting the following note on your drive thru:
"No Boy Toys for the Happy Meal.  We are only giving girls toy.
Sorry for the inconvenience."
My friend Laura had some fun with the teenager on the other side of the intercom and asked if she could have him as her boy toy.  He was not amused, but she and I found it hysterical. 
Recommendations for today . . . take care of the nanas.  It’s a good thing when the children are Nanasick.  Boycott McDonalds. . . if they’re not going to offer boy toys, it’s not worth the trip.  J

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