Sunday, October 2, 2011

100 years of Girl Power!

So the Trifecta are now all girl scouts.  I figure this is the best way to teach them manners and to overcome their mother’s dirty mouth!  Ok, wishful thinking, but it is a start, right?!  We’re gonna be at this for a looooong time, and mommy has been crazy enough to volunteer to be the troop leader for the Id (the baby).  Well, lets be honest, mommy went to the meeting, all the moms sat on their hands and one of mommy’s friends (Natalie) talked (ok, bullied) her into it.  Ok, so it wasn’t quite that bad, I just wanted to give Natalie crap!

I’m actually looking forward to being the troop leader because I’m such a bossy boots.  Last night the Superego and the Ego attended a 100th anniversary party for girl scouts, so that’s where mommy spent her Friday night too.  But, here’s the beauty of girl scouts – it’s all done by the girls.  The mommies actually have a corner where they have to sit down and let the girls just do their thing. 

This was a great time to catch up with everyone, but here’s what I learned when you leave the mommies unattended at a girl scout function:

1)      As your children are finishing art projects, and you are only half paying attention, you will suddenly find yourself holding a letter, a noisemaker, a hat, a paper bag journal, several balloons, a cup of pretzels, some concoction that looks like smores but with ice cream, and on and on . . . the worst part - you didn’t even realize that the children had come over to you.  I think us mommies just naturally stick our hands out for children to hand us whatever they have without paying much attention.

On the way out I made them carry their own crap!
2)      Yes, you will look lame as you are doing the Macarena with the girls.
3)      DO NOT LEAVE MOMMIES UNATTENDED WITH BALLOONS.  You really do not know what can happen when the “leaders” are left unattended with balloons and a sick sense of humor.  We should never have been left idle.

Recommendation for today – Girl Scouts, definitely.  The girls really do learn a lot and the mommies can have lots of fun too.  More importantly you and your girls will make friends that will last a lifetime.  In San Diego, information can be found at  You can also find a council near you at 

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