Monday, October 24, 2011

From Wonderland to the Hood . . .

This weekend’s easy family fun began with a visit to the “Wonderland of Treats, Eats and Drinks” benefitting the Poway Unified School District Foundation, and ended with Mommy and 4 of her friends at the Poway Center for Performing Arts for a “Party in the Pit” watching Street Beat (a Theatrical Drum and Dance Show with lots of drumming and hip hop dance moves).  Mommy was hoping to end our weekend fun with a little Halloween activity, but you’ll have to read on to see how that went.
Here’s what we learned about too much sugar, partying with girlfriends and messy houses:
Which child is dressed appropriately for the weather?! 
It was at least 85 degrees outside!

1)      When attending an event where the entertainment is every kind of sugar you could possibly imagine, as you are leaving the event, your child MAY say to you “Mommy, when we get home you are going to need to leave me alone because I have a date . . . with my cupcakes!”  At the Wonderland event the Ego (middle child) made some cupcakes for herself and she wanted to be certain I understood just how important these were to her. 
Would you like some cupcake with your pile o' frosting?!

2)      When you plan an evening out with your friends, and it is the first time that some of them have met BFF Molly in person, make sure you don’t leave BFF Molly unattended.  I don’t think she’s ever had so many offers to go get a drink or lunch so that all my friends and work colleagues could hear some dirt about my past.  I’ve known Molly for almost 20 years, and if there’s dirt that I haven’t already told you, yes, she would know it.  I’m also certain that many of you actually thought BFF Molly was an imaginary friend or figment of my imagination.  Here’s proof that she does exist – and no, she’s not the one right next to me.  It was definitely a mistake putting her at the other end of the table.

Oh, and quick side note - when you attend a theatrical drum and dance show it is definitely a must to be as close to the stage as possible and to leave your husband at home - the muscles on the men in the show were certainly something that only your girlfriends could appreciate looking at for two hours!  The show was fun and definitely entertaining; although I must point out that they may have tried to re-create the streets of NYC, but we couldn't get past the white guy dancing hip hop!

Laura's got a new BFF down there!  Quick shout out to Tammie and Valerie who also joined us!

3)      When you want to kick off 8 days of Halloween Family Fun, DO NOT do it on the day before your cleaning lady comes when your children have had unlimited access to the house for the past two days and have managed to make such a huge mess that you will spend two hours getting angrier and angrier at just how messy it is and just how little the baby is willing to help clean it up.  I got so mad I think I may have taken their birthdays away.  Can you do that?!  Needless to say, we didn’t do our Halloween project tonight, so, starting tomorrow it will be 7 days of Halloween family fun and do we have some treats and tricks in store for you!!! 

We did, however, manage to have the pumpkin patch visit from hell!
Can you guess which child was a pain in the @$& at the pumpkin patch?
Yes, the one with her arm hanging out and refusing to look at the camera!
It's amazing how sugary sweet a child can be when bribed!

Recommendations for today:
Café Merlot – prior to the Wonderland event I attended a VIP Brunch and I must say that the food was absolutely outstanding.  If you haven’t gone there yet, it’s a fantastic place for any meal, particularly if you have out of town guests.  It’s quaint and in the Bernardo Winery, so some fun boutiques surround it.  Also, their owner, Toni Kraft, is truly extraordinary in her attention to detail and her support for the community.  You can check them out at
Attend a show at the Poway Center for Performing Arts and/or better yet, attend one as a guest at a party in the pit.  My girlfriends and I were with 10 other ladies and we enjoyed wine, beer, appetizers and dessert during the show.  Best of all, we had front row seats!  Check out the Poway Center for Performing Arts Foundation shows at  Their next show is on November 19th and it’s Ricky Nelson Remembered: Featuring Matthew and Gunnar Nelson.  Fun little fact . . . my friend Laura taught Gunnar’s kids when they were at a school in Rancho Santa Fe a few years back!  J 

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