Monday, October 3, 2011

Light up the night!

It’s red tide time in San Diego.  I did not know what a red tide was until I swam in it in La Jolla Cove – yes, I said swam . . . I am still training for a triathlon on October 16th, and had to finally face my fear of the true open ocean.  Perfect day to swim (not too bumpy), however, there was a stench that you could smell for miles.  It wasn’t until I got in the water that I found out what “red tide” feels like.  A bunch of stinky “gunk” in the water!

Here’s the cool thing that I didn’t find out until a week later . . . apparently this red gunk, actually GLOWS IN THE DARK!  So, on my infinite quest for different experiences for the family, last night I dragged them out to La Jolla to see the water glow.

Here’s what I learned about family outings in the pitch black on a school night:

1)      There is absolutely nothing like what I saw when the waves glowed.  It happens so fast you almost don’t believe you’re seeing it, and then you see it again and again and again.  It’s amazing and if you ever have the chance, go see it!  However, try to put out of your mind that it is actually red algae that can kill fish and you have swum in it twice not knowing that it probably wasn't a good idea.  Oooops.

2)      When you have a blog and you are constantly taking the card out of the camera to download the photos, make sure that when you are telling your husband to get the camera and check for the card, double check that he heard the “check for the card” part.  We had a bit of an issue when he got the tripod out and was all set up and couldn’t take a photo – not that it would have turned out anyway, but that was one of those “oh sh*t” moments.  Needless to say, this is why I have no photos tonight!  Damnit!

3)      It really doesn’t matter if you are going out to the beach in the pitch black, Princess “Id” (the baby) will insist on going without a jacket and in her high heel shoes.  Oh yes, she was in her jammies, no jacket and her high heel shoes because she refuses to wear anything else.  I guess I should be grateful that she wasn’t naked!

Recommendation – not sure if the red tide is still glowing, but if you have a chance (even on a school night), take your kids out to see it.  It’s a pretty cool thing that doesn’t happen all that often.

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