Monday, October 10, 2011

Haunted Mansions & Pink Ladies

We had a double dose of family fun on Saturday.  During the afternoon Nana was desperate for some way to entertain the children, so I pulled out a gingerbread haunted mansion kit.  Then, we had a bit of family fun for daddy when we attended a neighborhood car show and concert in the park.
Here’s what happens when you let the children loose with frosting and gingerbread by day and concerts and car shows by night:
1)      After you do all of the assembly work and then unleash the children with the frosting to decorate the gingerbread house, they MAY decide to raid your cabinets and pull out every decoration you have just to add their own embellishments.  I wasn’t sure how this part was going to go, but I have to say, when they added the walkway and some zombies in the “front yard”, I was so proud of them.

Yes, that is frosting on their teeth and faces!
2)      When you decide to dress up for the neighborhood car show and concert in the park, be sure NOT to wear your nice suede shoes in the wet grass!  You can’t see it in the picture, but I had some really cute shoes on, but the grass was so wet I came home with grass feet.  I’m certain they are ruined.  L

No, that is not my baby!  That's my adorable baby niece.

3)      When your children are having fun at a photo booth, make sure that you tell the person who is helping create the picture that two of your three children HATE pink.  The girls had their picture taken at a really fun photo booth where they could have embellishments painted on.  The problem . . . the operator ASSumed that they liked pink because they were girls.  After the picture was made the Superego (oldest) and the Ego (middle) cried because they hate pink.  Apparently the Superego wanted a mustache on her photo.  Who knew?!

Recommendations for today –
1)      Definitely make a gingerbread house.  Pain in the @&$ to put together, but your kids will surprise you with what they come up with.  Michaels has a great one.
2)      Classy Event Group – Pixel Perfect is the program they used to create the pictures.  They were so much fun and the guy who was there was nice enough to re-do the girls’ photo with different colors and mustaches.  More information is at  

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