Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fool me once . . .

Shame on you, fool me over and over and over again, and you must be living in the Dugdale house!!

(And by the way, for all those who subscribe to the blog via e-mail - I played an April Fool's joke on myself.  I was trying to write the post and somehow "published" before I intended so all of you got a "Happy Birthday" blog with nothing in it!  While I'd love to say "April Fools, meant to do that" - I gotta come clean and say I'm just a blogging moron and still don't know what I hit to make that happen!)  

The Id actually thought it was someone's birthday today!  Mommy rolled out the red carpet and everything.

Yep, it's that day that mommy looks forward to all year so that she can mess with the kids and not have to apologize.  But here's what I've come to learn about holiday traditions - once you start, you can never, ever, ever, ever, ever stop.  I still remember when I was traumatized that I was too old to get an Easter basket anymore (I was in grad school when the Nana finally pulled the plug)!

And Karma's a b*tch because now I've backed myself into such a mommy holiday corner that I actually had to cancel going to a dinner this evening because the Ego thought it was an April Fools joke when I told her that I had a Girl Scout dinner to attend tonight.  Which, now that I think about it, what WERE they thinking when they decided to host a "thank you so much for sacrificing your garage and hours of your time to sell cookies" dinner on a day who's only purpose is to f*&# with people???!!  Gonna need to tackle that one another time . . .

. . . because tonight, I have to continue the mommy's messing with our food April Fool's holiday tradition of dessert for dinner (i.e. fauxberry pie and mashed potato sundaes) and dinner for dessert (ice cream tacos).

But first, I must share the lessons from my latest shenanigans so there is no question who put the "Runamuk" in Runamuk Manor!

1) You've definitely tricked your kids too often when they are unimpressed that the only thing you did to them overnight was to caution tape their doors!

They did not make one comment about the fact that they couldn't get out of their doors this morning. D@MNIT!!
Mommy admits that her first April Fools Shenanigans circa 2011 were the best, but there is only once that you're gonna get away with Chicken Poxing your kids and having them not wear long sleeves to bed on March 31st!

2) You really need to run the dishwasher when the only "funky spoon" you can find to serve your 7 year-old is an egg separator.  Oh, and you are raising a high maintenance child when that same 7 year-old says "I can't eat with that mommy because the taste of metal is just too much for me!"  DRAMA QUEEN!!

Yep, her place setting is the one with a pie tin and egg separator (she didn't get the big huge fun bowls because her @$$ got out of bed late!)
3) You have way too many decorations when on a moment's notice you can create a Happy Birthday/Hollywood/St. Patty's Day/Summer/Easter/70's Disco Party!!!

Seriously, HfH needs to get this under control!!
And finally . . .

4) When the closest your children ever get to junk food is the organic 4 ingredients or less, sweetened with agave syrup "faux" cinnamon toast crunch, even your husband will think you are cruel if you do this!

Had to open the bottom so as to re-glue them shut and not make it look like they were opened!! 

"Silly Kid, Trix are for Rabbits"!
This one I came up with in the middle of the grocery store and I just couldn't resist.  Still not sorry about it.  Also not sorry about April Fools 2012, or 2013.  I'm just waiting for the day that I wake up with chicken pox or my hand glued to my face!

Until then, game on!!

And P.S. I did finally give her the Trix - she just had to search the cupboard for the Life Cereal.

But notice the ginormous slotted spoon!  :-)

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