Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fool me once . . . part deux!

Ok, I had to post a P.S. to yesterday's post because this was just too good to pass up.  Here are a couple other shenanigans that even made daddy laugh out loud:

1) You know your blonde roots run deep when you are drying your hair in the morning and that huge puff of white smoke that comes out of the dryer you mistake for "must just be some dust in the hair dryer" (that I used YESTERDAY)!  It wasn't until HfH asked me as we were going to bed "did you shower today . . . notice anything?", that I realized the Superego had pulled a fast one and put cornstarch in my hair dryer!  Momma is so proud her baby is learning such good techniques!

2) You know your "stranger danger" lessons are working when you show up to carpool pick up like this:

We call her Juanita Margarita!!  It was either go like this or with a hot pink wig and call myself "Candy the Stripper".
I think I made the right choice (and HfH just revoked my blogging privileges again)

a) your 2nd grader waits to get in the car until she can see your license plate to make sure it's actually you (despite your gestures encouraging her to get in the car)


b) your 6th grader takes one look at you, turns around and tries to see if she can go home with someone else!!

And finally,

3) I STILL haven't learned my Pinterest lesson!  Last night I tried making cookie taco shells at the last minute and following a recipe that required me to "wrap the dough around a rolling pin".  What those f*&#ers left out of the recipe was "unless you work in Martha Stewart's test kitchen and have 10 rolling pins laying around, this project will take you either 4 hours to make (so you can wait for each batch of two shells to cool for 25 minutes), or you'll just have to improvise and use every plastic cup in your cupboards!  I opted for the latter.

But, those tacos were quite tasty!  Although, I always forget that Jelly Beans get hard when put on ice cream!  Yuck!! (yet another thing they leave off the Pinterest version)

Now it's back to reality and real food (something the girls were not happy about this morning when I threw out the rest of the Trix cereal - I know, mean mommy strikes again)!

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